Destination Death Star

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Stormtroopers Marshall and Kyle are starting today on a positive note! I hope every thing works out for them.

*Edit* Daily Third & Front Page! Thanks so much - so honored to appear in those slots -

( Thanks for checkin out the vid, I've always had a weird obsession with stormtroopers so this was a blast to make)

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SOunds great, not may have this good of quality voice work. Or scripting for this matter. I really like the style you did with the Flash animation, accurate detailing on the Armor and helmets,... The only catch is the humor could've been better. Imperial gaurdsman never speak.

haha this is great keep up the good wotk! :D

Nice overall style and animation, with plenty of chuckle-worthy references. The only issue I can find is the humor has room for improvement. There was an absence of real punch lines (except perhaps the part where Greedo got what was coming to him).

Just to chime in with everyone else, it will be great to have more shorts chronicling Kyle and Marshall's bar exchanges, adventures and even misadventures.

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Aww, I kept expecting a nasty twist but in the end it was actually just rather sweet.

A bit more happening would have been good, or maybe if it were part of several clips, but it was still surprisingly pleasant!

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Apart from a scene or two, for example the scene with the red horned guy getting a glass thrown at his face, and the tone of voice of some of the speakers at times, I thoroughly enjoyed that piece. The scene seemed to break the flow of conversation between the two stormtroopers. Personally, I'd just have replaced the example scene with a loud audible shout of agony following the glass throw. I would also have changed the tone of voice on Kyle at times, maybe added some stammering for realism, and would have cut out the helmet voice masking just a tad, it almost sounded static-y. Finally I'd make the cousin's voice slightly... different. Mocking, older, maybe?
Apart from that, it's been a while since I've seen a funny simple conversation video done right. And as an aside, maybe a clip of the death star exploding at the end would have been a nice touch. Seeing as they just relocated onboard.

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LewToons responds:

I thought about including something like the death star exploding at the end or possibly their tombstones next to a replay button - but I decided against it because I didn't want to spoon feed the joke are anything like that

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Jan 2, 2013
10:23 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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