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StarFox is Dead

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StarFox for Snes and StarFox 64 are probably the most awesome ship fighting games in history, we never get tired of playing with them and completing them time after time back at home, but since then, i feel there haven't been a single game nearly as good as those two, like if the series have reached its peak and Nintendo didn't care anymore... so bad i think it is that they had to re-release StarFox 64 for the 3DS, pretty awesome too, but it's because is just the old one remastered. Well that's what we think... so we made this really short animation out of a joke we came out with while playing StarFox 64. Some may like it, some may hate it, some may find it disgusting, but well, it was made for the lolz and fun xD. Thank you.

All charaters in this movie are copyright by Nintendo.


this was short and crappy, the only good thing was the music.
The animation was decent but make a good joke at least if your going to make it that short.

*before I watched the video*
Huh, Starfox is dead, huh? I wonder if it's gonna be like a montage or a funeral percession, or*watches video* oH SWEET MERCIFUL JESUS.

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"I didn't like the concept"

I've seen that a few times below, and I will be honest, like it or not, it's what it is. The Starfox series is in all, a dead series. From this, to the Guilty Gear series, to even the Megaman series in some cases, I guess its something a major company doesn't necessarily believe it will do well in future installments. And I DON'T mean HD remakes or any of that shit. I mean I full, brand new title(s).

I think the concept sticks very true to its statement(atleast in my interpretation); it's just a rotting franchise that's just going to be left behind in history.

4TAKEN responds:

Sorry for my lack of attention but i didn't understand your point, you said you didn't like it, but your opinion is the same as ours, and the concept sticks well to the animation... sorry i'm a bit lost >,o

I dont like the conecpt but the animation and drawing is well done.

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Solid animation, but the concept of this video didn't really appeal to me.

Although I agree that most of the newer Star Fox games have stunk, I really liked Star Fox Assault for having great Arwing gameplay while smoothing in land movement, stealth, and so on, not to mention having some hilarious moments and a good story. I'll hate on Star Fox Legends as much as the next guy, but I'm not ready to say that Star Fox is dead. Not yet.

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4TAKEN responds:

Well, In our humble opinion, it is dead... but we're not the law, we just felt it could be fun to animate a joke with our opinion inside. Anyway, we hope the series reborn with another great title. Because maybe Assault wasn't really a bad game, but it's nothing compared with its 64 and snes counterparts.

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Jan 2, 2013
4:16 AM EST
Comedy - Parody