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*Thanks for the frontpage! :D *and for the daily first! and the great reviews! thank you :3
*And weekly first AND review crew pick!? wow, I'd only ever dreamed of getting those awards! THANKS :D

Here's to living for another year.

This was actually made waaay back when for the NATA 2012 open round. The theme was "discovering time travel".
I didn't have it finished in time and had to abandon it to move onto the following rounds, but now I FINALLY got around to finishing it once and for all! and since there was no more deadline, I decided to spend an extra month or two on it to give it a bit more polish.

This was the first time i'd tried drawing in an anime'esque' type style since i was about 9 haha, I was interested to see how it would work.

I also had to cut quite a few parts out of the final animation to meet the deadline at the time and never got around to putting them back in ha. So the pacing is a little faster than i'd like and some character backstory was left out, but now It's time to move on to other things ;p

Hope you like it anyway!

I wanted to upload this on new years eve but I had some problems with converting the file for NG.
So HUGE thanks to DuDuL for converting it for me! don't know what I would have done without your help ;)

You can also watch it on youtube! (remove the spaces)
http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v=sUCwdNOpmIM


I really enjoyed that. Thanks.

This just went straight to my heart.
I tried to hold back the tears through out the whole piece.
I'm glad you spent some time to finish it.
NG has been suffering from crappy content lately (as we all know).
A master piece like this makes me glad I still come back here.

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Woah, this was only made in a certain number of days? I can't believe it! I have no clue why this hasn't already won Daily Feature. Then again, I don't really think that's how the award system works here. It was a bit difficult to tell if the main character was male or not. It's funny, because I was thinking the exact same thing about being able to time travel forward in time.

Now backwards time travel, that's another ball park. I love the quaintness of this. It seems like you may have been trying to imitate Miyazaki. I guess all really good anime-esque work can be compared to him. The ending was a bit sad.

I loved your animation!
The background was beautiful and the animation was pretty well made.
I thought the characters were very engaging especially with the fun dialogues.
The story was powerful and it made me tear up. :)

Really like the background art. It looked gorgeous. Were they done by hand or in a program? The characters seemed to float a little but it gave it a almost dream state. Like he traveled into his own dream or a nother past state of mind. The voice acting was spot on. I'm all a quality animation.

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Jan 1, 2013
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