Ski Spree

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Ski downhill through flags and off ramps to score points. Avoid trees and land jumps to maintain speed. Compete to earn a high score on the Newgrounds score boards. The "p" key pauses the game. Score over 500 points to unlock a secret character!


Fairly basic for a game. The left and right controls could use some more adjustments, though.

Meh... Thats the best way to describe the game. no start up menu to at least wait for player to start on his own time, no introduction of controls (even though a intelligent person may guess it already). being a flash game. and its just controlling a ski driver down a hill very boring. but the good thing about this game is the catchy tune and at least there is no violence unlike many flash games.

PapaSoup responds:

Controls can be seen in the instructions at the title screen or if you pause the game by pressing the "p" key. I didn't feel the need to shove the controls down the player's throat because as you pointed out, their fairly intuitive.

I liked it. He could turn a bit more so he can go from side to side easier. Also he could turn a bit faster and he could move a bit faster just to make the game more interesting.

PapaSoup responds:

The slow turning speed was designed on purpose to add challenge. A wider range is a good idea though. Controls are always hard to pinpoint and up for improvement.

Cute game, it's Ok.

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2.92 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2013
12:58 AM EST
Skill - Collect