Super Princess Luna

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Luna-PrincessNinjato is on an adventure to find Star berries with her side kick Siluna and while they are out collecting the mischievous fairies will be there to screw with you and annoy you and steal your collected neocrystals .

Make it though 10 stages to win the game


it's sonic/mario as a fairy girl and you can't kill anything by jumping on their heads

I like its cute characters But i cant jump.
Maybe you could tell us the controls.
But still.
It looks great!

PrincessNinjato responds:

its on the title screen but Z to jump and X to run fast
I am still working on a way to land on badgals to kill them at lease

When reading this, note that this review is affected by my personal opinion. I'm not "the truth" or "everyone".

About gameplay:
I dislike how jumping is more like flying.
There is no transition between hitting an enemy and being snapped back to the start of the stage, or between reaching the Star berry at the end of the stage and being shown an image. I find that being suddenly taken away from wherever I was very disturbing.
With dying, no warning whatsoever before one is snapped back to the start of the stage. Only to hear an "AAH". Gets very annoying if you're stuck on something in the stage.
When you hit the side of something and go straight upwards, it bothers me that one cannot alter the direction of the fall, only helplessly fall straight down. Why have this function at all? Have you designed something in the later stages which works with this function?

About graphics:
The texturing is clumsy; the background is tiled poorly. Sprites in general are kind of clumsy or unpolished, which gives them a ms paint look. The contrast between the ms paint look and the polished /smooth background elements is very jarring. Some enemy sprites are adorable! The sidekick is very cute! (Although I see no reason for why Siluna should tag along other than, well, being cute.)
Personally, I find a few things with Ninjato's sprite disturbing.
The animations as she is jumping is weird. (Yes, it is "sonic style" but it still looks weird. NO transition whatsoever and the spiral inside the circle thing, I would not have understood had I not played a sonic game before.
The way she jogs her arms while standing still, the jarring colour switch in the "disco" hair ornaments, or perhaps least importantly, her skin colour which seems a tad too green. Her eyes seem weird to me, especially when facing to the right. Did you draw her facing to the left? I don't know how one should draw sprites, but if an image is to be flipped, try flipping it as you draw and try making it somewhat more balanced facing both ways?
In a platform game, (and probably other games too,) it would be a good idea to design the main character carefully. Or at least to keep in mind the fact that the player will be spending the rest of the game with them.

I've been talking about a lot of weird details here, but there is some importance in polish.
I got to stage 3, to a large field of monsters and clear path or footing in sight. I found it aimply too difficult and demotivating to keep trying at this point. I'd say the way of dying contributed the most to this.
I think that as a game creator, one should try to motivate the player to keep playing.

A game which is too hard will demotivate a lot of people, but a game which is too easy will turn boring. Good graphics could attract people and even increase their tolerance. A good plot could balance the previous, and make a player keep playing, despite how demotivating the game is in other aspects.
What experience are you giving the player? Does the game communicate clearly with the player, or must the player work hard to decipher what the game wants them to or assumes they know?

I think that even KNOWING about how certain aspects affect a game, will improve a game creator.

(Hey, that's why we have reviews, right? c:

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thank you for your honest feed back,
I guess I can fix some of the things such as the jump and fall and remove the fail AHH.
I get what you are saying and I will see what I can do next time

Thoughts: Jumping broken. Doesn't respond well when jumping after being pressed up agianst an object; Stopping speedy run is buggy; Music is good, but hearing Mario knocks me for a loop!; If you hit a wall durning a jump, you can't move after (VERY annoying); Great backgrounds!; Game this hard needs medals; the end/start point of the music track is very jarring; Not always clear what is background vs what is a platform(ie start of the water level.)

All in all, a damn fine effort! Controls need fine tuning and I don't know what that little thing behined me is doing. (maybe have it run out or thrown to collect?) Artwork could be improved, but it's good (I love the graphic where she gets the sweet berry!) Also, a story? WTF do these folks kill me when I touch them? Even the demon looking chick seems very happy!

All in all, great job! Lacks polish, but the core is OK

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thank you very much
I see I need to fix the platforming and add a story and remove the Mario music,
I'll keep these for the next game I already have a story in mind

Thank you for the feed back

Not bad. First off, if you want to make this a legitimate game you may want to get someone to make some music for you. The main theme of the Sega Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast is nice, but using that and the level clear from the classic Mario series will have to go. Also, adding a non-violent method of attack would be great, as a lot of the enemies have massive hitboxes that can activate by simply walking on the wrong side of the street of them. I'd suggest having your fairy buddy throw marshmellows or stars or somesuch. Make the jump a little tighter, too. It's very floaty. Also, don't keep the name up at the top left: Instead, take a cue from the Sonic series and have a title card before each level. Just remember to keep the names creative! The first level could be Fairy Forest, the second level's name is fine (You just misspelled "Metropolis"), the third level could be Crystal Caves/Caverns, and so on. My one huge problem with the game is that when the character hits an object on a jump, her movement comes to a complete halt and she simply falls; she absolutely needs to retain her horizontal movement on the way down.

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thanks for the feedback and oops on metropolis,
I can make music but I always fear it would not be as good so I go with the video game musics.
I think I would try the card intro like sonic

The getting hit and falling directly down..Thats a part of the software wish I can fix that.
I guess I can work on a projectile but with this software if you shoot while jumping you aim directly down but if I set it to auto shoot in one direct it bugs some players.

So I will keep in mind your feed back and apply it to Super Princess Luna 2
Thank you for your honest feed back

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2.74 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2012
9:11 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop