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Comedy - Parody

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Dec 31, 2012 | 4:17 PM EST

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Author Comments

You guys like the stylings of illWillPress? Hell yeah you do!
Hold on to your seats and get ready for some edgy humor guaranteed to offend.
If you've never seen any of illWillPress' animations before, worry not - once you've seen this one, you've seen them all!

About the author:
1.) Sometimes eats peanut butter Right. Out. Of. The. Jar.
2.) ???? lol, so random
3.) Shut up mom, Skrillex is god



Rated 5 / 5 stars

perfectly represents the childish LEL SO RANDUMB bullshit posted by illwillpress


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding the matter of Jonothan Ian Mathers and his work. For one thing I share the sentiment that Mathers has more than abused the dead gimmick that made him famous to begin with, the Foamy Rants. In all honesty, his fame being derived from yelling about vapid shit was probably the worst thing that happened to him because the show became less and less about satire and actual comedy but rather more about whatever the hot button topic was at the time. In case you can't tell, I'm never the last person to critique Mathers.

However still, you've fully admitted to only watching a fraction of his work, not even knowing he existed prior to his reemergence in the portal and you think it's fair to critique his work on the grounds that you've barely even seen any of it? That kinda puts you in beneath Mathers' league when you think about it but then again, thinking about anything these days is it's own punishment.

Let's not pretend that this was made for any reason other than trying to garner attention from spitting in the general direction of an award hog on the off chance that they come back into relevancy and your material generates attention by means of area effect from the obvious backlash from the vocal minority that would ensue, which to some extent, it already has. At this point, what else could an intelligent person be left to conclude?

If this was made to truly satirize Mathers then I'm sure you would've been wise enough to watch all of his content to critique something other than what every other parody has already said. I warn you that it'll be hard to rebuke the critique I give you now as you've already said this:

"I hope that's not an edgy reference to something said by illWillPress because I've never watched more than 10 seconds of anything created by them."

Methinks you watched a couple Neurotically Yours parodies and drew in only the most common elements among them to create this parody.

Regardless, it's ironic that you're critiquing Mathers for never writing anything new and in creating this parody, you've done exactly that; said nothing new. Thus the focal point of this review.

Before you do, don't resort to the obvious ad hominems that I know are bound to come my way by pretending that I'm only giving you negative critique as a means to defend Mathers, because to say that I'm on either side is to try to validate a false conundrum by insinuating that there are only two sides. Yes, I'm very well aware of the type of mindset this topic tends to attract.

By which I mean either you the author will reply to me yelling whatever tween stereotype comes to mind, despite the fact that I'm an adult, without actually rebuking any point I made or someone else attempting to ride your dick will leave a review telling me to shut up and accept your opinion. Somehow I doubt that despite "the urge to express yourself" that you'll defend the opinion that opposes you if the latter were to occur, despite whatever glaring difference in intelligence there might be. I thought I'd just let you know what I expect.

I suppose the point I'm attempting to convey here would be 'if seeing someone challenge your position hurts your feelings, you might consider never browsing Newgrounds'.

In all honesty, if it weren't for the fact that you only critiqued Neurotically Yours for being repetitious like everyone else ever and you actually knew more than ten seconds of what you were talking about before talking about it, there wouldn't be a problem, mainly because substantial critique would be prevalent.

If I had to draw a comparison, I'd say that your parody on Full Metal Alchemist was better simply because it didn't ape off of other parodies and had an original gag. For that you receive applause but this? This is just lame.

Also, yes, I watched everything in your back catalog before writing this. It is too bad that you don't run ads in any of them, you would've made a about a buck. If you rebuke that advice saying "Moneywhore" then you'll bring me to know just how 'totally underground' you are.

BoobMarley responds:

When I said that I've never watched more than 10 seconds of his stuff, I meant it. I didn't have to watch the entirety of the man's works to start feeling that they are all the same thing (monkey cheese random LOL + shock humor). I was able to gather that feeling from the twenty he posted to the portal in one week (for you mathmagicians out there, if he posted twenty cartoons and I watched a collective 10 seconds, that means I only gave each one half a second to wow me).

I've never seen a Neurotically Yours parody. The moment I felt compelled to animate this, I just sat down and did it. Didn't search out previous renditions, didn't even sniff around for factions to pander to. Didn't really care that much about other people (except of course inflaming his cult). Making this really came down to getting this annoying thought out of my head.

The fact that there might be several NY parodies out there, and this is but another match on the fire, has meaning only to someone who would know that prior to watching this. And that did not include me at the time of making.
I'm ultimately standing in the same place you say I am right now, only I didn't come by the same road that you have supposed. Does that make sense?

I really appreciate you taking the time to write a lengthy and well thought-out review. It speaks a lot to your character as well that you would go through my previous submissions to get a better idea of who it is you'd be speaking to. You seem like a decent guy.
That FMA parody was a work of pure love, and I hadn't given a thought to advertising with it. I was so exhausted by the end, I just wanted to post it. Of course after it started to garner so many views I thought it'd be awesome to make a little dough with an ad, but I wasn't sure how long it'd be featured on the front page and I really had no idea how much profit might be involved. I have a full-time job completely unrelated to animation or art of any kind, so the thought seldom crosses my mind, but I'd definitely do it if I thought it'd be worth my while.

Anyways, just to let you know how totally underground I am, let me leave off by saying fuck the police, you moneywhore.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great use of freedom of speech and a good gambit to see how Foamy followers would react. However i'm laughing more at the comments then the flash itself and that's why I'm torn down the middle about the rating. Other then that.....
-Thank you for giving me and everyone else a good laugh XD


Rated 0 / 5 stars

dude really if you were geting tired of him geting front page all the time then make a better movie/scit
and if you can thats great if you cant make things better then him don't be pulling another persons work down the craper think if so one posted thousands of videos like this of the work you do just my thoughts on the subject and i don't have a lot of right to speak because i just started watching his movies but still just let it fade on its own don't worry about something you cant control.

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BoobMarley responds:

Why did you comment on this instead of letting it fade and not worrying about something you can't control? Oh yeah - the urge to express yourself. Feels good, right?
I put as much effort into mocking IWP as I feel IWP puts into some of his animations. And that was the point. I'm sure he does as much work as he feels necessary, and I'm also sure that he feels great when he publishes something that expresses his thoughts and feelings at the moment.

If seeing something get mocked, or razzed, or chided, or ridden down hurts your feelings, you might consider never browsing Newgrounds.

I honestly hope IWP sees this and thinks, "Haha, yeah I DO do that...". And just have that be the sum of this.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ah ha ha ha.

I remember the days when the Star Syndicate, The Barney Bunch, and the UCFD railed against this nonsense, and risked getting banned for it.

But seriously, Illwillpress and his Neurotically Yours series has been satirized to death. It's common knowledge by now that JIM puts no effort into his movies and to this day, has not improved one aspect of his writing, his animation, or his artwork. Every episode from here on out boils down to
1. Foamy rants at something

2. Germaine has something weird done to her(breast implants, shaves head, gets fat, wears floral dresses, etc.), and despite this, she still serves as back drop weird sexual object and not a fully fleshed out character.

3. Lazy, minimalistic animation utilizing frames and art since 2004 and filtered photograph backgrounds.

The best compliment I can give to him now, is that at least he finally got around to fixing his line work by smoothing it out(Foam always had a jagged iris until recently). Though now it just looks like bland. That, and maybe he experiments more visual creativity in his art portal offerings.

The most damning thing about it is that this series back in the day, was that it was overrated to the point where it would easily win awards and get front paged, shunning more talented and hardworking animators and artists.

Neurotically Yours , for a short time for Illwillpress, made NG into a merchandising vehicle for himself, as well as a wannabe gothic, hot topic brand angst hive. Sometimes it got so bad, that Illwillpress could get front paged for posting a single scene, single frame picture, opinionated audio rant on Hurricane Katrina as a movie, and have his legions of fans praising it without a single thought.

But those days are now over. I know this because I lived through them. I've seen this site change in magnificent and frightening ways.

Nowadays Illwillpress and his ilk have faded into obscurity. The cloud over shrouding his fame is Egorapter, his Awesome series, and his many clones.

Newgrounds is now a haven for an endless after endless avalanche of generic video game parodies.

But I feel fine, because even so most of these current movies aren't completely original, they are at least, for the most part, far more visually creative and done by authors who love their work and subject material, care for their fans, and put far much effort into their movies then Illwillpress ever did with his Foamy cartoons.

It's not the perfect slice of heaven, but it's manageable, and occasionally, occasionally, I still as always find something truly remarkable and awe-inspiring that truly proves that the 10% according to Sturgeon's law is still worth dying for.

But anyway, this movie perfectly emulates Neurotically Yours to a T. I honestly cannot give this higher then 3.5/5 stars because of this. It doesn't take that much effort to make Foamy cartoons. It's gotten to the point where making fun of Illwillpress and his social-political squirrel sock puppet is old hat. This guy no longer wins easy awards like he used to do. Some Foam-heads have moved on to better and brighter things, whereas the ones that still remain will do as they always do, and nothing will change their opinion. This series, for all intents and purposes, is dead, and we can let it stay dead. Still, you're kind of funny and I give you credit for that. I like your choice of posters on the wall in the background.

Good luck on your next entry as always.

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BoobMarley responds:

I had never seen an IWP animation until last week. This short animation wasn't the product of years of annoyance and frustration. I was seriously just that urgently compelled after having watched his stuff to put another project on hold for the afternoon and crank this out to get it all off my chest.
It only took 4 hours.

I really do appreciate your thoughts on the whole matter, and am glad there are folks in the community who don't have a stick up their ass about seeing their beloved Foamy and Germaine get mocked. It means a lot to have the understanding and support of a member who has seen much in his time here. Thank you.