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Stupid Random Garbage #1

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In my never-ending quest to submit something once a month, I give you a collection of various animations I made a while ago. Two of them were submissions for asdfcomp held in 2010, and the rest are from around the time I got a non-trial version of Flash, when I eagerly asked friends to request things for me to animate (making sure to remind them I couldn't draw, heh).

I am very aware that these animations are lacking in...a few departments (hence the title), but I wanted to give them a home after all this time. Well, a *better* home, as the asdfcomp ones are on Youtube and the walljump one is in the 5 Second Collab. But now they're all together! Hooray.

I also named this "#1" because I can easily see myself having random short clips in the future that I wouldn't be able to do anything with individually. We'll see what happens, I guess!

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yes its so-so

it Kept Me Entetained, i Liked it.