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A Reason for Vengeance

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Left/Right - Move
Space - Cast magic
Enter - Advance through dialog/make choices

This game was designed in under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare #25 Compo with the theme "You Are The Villain."

There are many ways to end the game, but for 100%ers there are 3 designer-directed endings. (As opposed to a player-directed ending, which is when you decide to stop playing of your own volition rather than because I send you back to the title screen.)

In order to see the truly villainous ending you will need to kill some innocents.

For me, this was about questioning what villainy really is. Does killing the people who killed your brother make you a villain? What about killing the people who were there to back them up? What about killing the others in their organization? What about killing a god? Where along that spectrum do you become a villain?

Thanks for playing!

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Very simple and damn fun game.
0 deaths and 0 innocents.

It was pretty rad for a game with only 3 controls. All three story lines were nice, too. (Although the presentation could have been better lol) I didn't kill any innocents, and died a total of 3 times. It's easier to play if you think of it as a bullet hell (For babies) and mash the space button while moving around.

piu piu... ohh, ohh

I really enjoyed this game :) I am always a fan of art games, personally. The only real complaint I had was that the decisions didn't really go anywhere, other than killing innocents. I mean, you choose to serve or not, but it doesn't really effect the future of the game, other than ending it. Of course, I still really liked the game :)

nice graphics but poor execution. you can only fire one ball and the demons are the equivalent of a tank.