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yesterday i felt like playing a classic fall down game but all the ones i tried were terrible so i thought take a crack at making my own. the speed gradually increases. P to pause.


Should start slower and then speed up. If you fall on one side of the screen and the next hole is on the other side you don't have time to get to it.

Also, there should be high scores. Use the Newgrounds high score API or Mochi high scores or something.

uglyslug responds:

it does speed up, but i'll adjust it. thanks for the feedback!

Aaah, it's one of those games.
It wasn't mindblowingly great, but sertainly wasn't booring either :3

Ways to improve :

Add a menu ( yea i know it's a boring process, but it actually makes the game feel more complete )

Might even make the character slightly bigger so you better see what you are controlling.

Background graphics, i noticed you're a programmer, well same here, but there are loads of people to ask for simple graphics. But who knows, maybe you are as stubborn as me and need to make everything but the music by yourself :p

Make the game screen more horizontinal, it would give the player a heads up for what's coming. But it ofcourse comes at a price, the price of not paying as much attention to where you are.

Anyways, i hope some of the tips were of use, have a good one :)

uglyslug responds:

more horizontal? did you mean vertical?

thanks for the feedback!

Fun game. The back ground makes you feel weird after a while. As if the screen is tilted. Good music.

uglyslug responds:

maybe the screen is tilted

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3.61 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2012
8:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other