War Card 2

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Warcard 2 is my latest card games, you have to use your card to build and defend your castle from the enemy attack, and also use the card to attack the enemy. Every card require some resources, so your skill to manage the resources is vital.
Enjoy it and write me some feedback, thanks.


I was having fun until the 5th castle when he got 5 magic barriers in a row and alls I had was magic spells and then while waiting for melee units he put up towers so I couldn't hurt him at all, and no curse cards to weaken him show up at all so I surrendered, and once I got back to the castle it still had all the barriers and towers still in effect.

Overall good game, until the last 2 or 3 castles I played. Without any form of deck customization I was forced to wait for very specific damage cards while receiving completely useless resource cards. I wanted to pick all my best damage cards that I used my upgrade points for.

During the final battle I played, the enemy castle was so defensively buffed that the Green Dragon did absolutely no damage and my Swordsman Horde (50) only did 11 damage. It wasn't even enough to keep up with the numerous heal cards the AI was receiving.

This game is simply either unbalanced or intentionally padded for game play length.

You need to have a way to customize one's deck. It's extremely annoying when I have over 200 of each resource and all I keep drawing are cards to increase my resources.

for real
after 10 minute play time
my castle hp never drop below 100%
all of them deal no damage

It is possible for you and your enemy to build up your respective defenses so much that neither of you can cause any damage to the other.

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3.14 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2012
9:25 AM EST
Strategy - Other