XY Hunter

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Easy 5 Points

250 Points Scored

Medium 10 Points

500 Points Scored

Hard 25 Points

750 Points Scored

Author Comments

XY Hunter is an experimental skill based game. Took less than seven hours to make. Short but little hard :). Match your mouse pointer's XY coordinates with the target and click to score. You have 60 seconds time to find and click maximum possible targets.



Lack of story: What am I hunting? Why am I hunting it? (This could, for example, explain why there is a timelimit)
Lack of gameplay: The "Perfect click" destroys the gameplay with giving 100 points instead of 10, because you will simply move the mouse for 5 seconds until it exactly matches the target coordinates. After finding a "target area", let the target vanish after 1 second without giving a score, if the player didnt click. (I didnt try hard mode, though, maybe u did something alike there.)
Targets should be moving and become visible once you found the target area, this way you would have a 2-part game: first to find the target area, second to accurately hit the target ;)

Keep it up, u can do this, i know it :)

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I like it but the target should have say a 2x2 space where its perfect not just the exact placement, but that's just me so carry on! It's well done!

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With how sensitive my mouse is, the hard medal is near impossible. My suggestion is when you get close enough to where it says 'click' you should be able to adjust the positioning with your arrow keys.
Not a bad game, though. And I like the retro feel of the graphics, but there's always room for improvement, so I guess 4.5/5

needs improvement.

1.as you find area where a search pointed might be it should be marked in some way.

2. Instead of find as many as you cna in 60 seconds go to level systems with increasing quota of points to be find in each level

3. Maybe adding two points at the same time form some point. liek if you find 10 points next thing you get two points at the same time.

4. mixed feelings about finding pixel. on the one hand it gives you this feeling of searching needle in the desrt on the other instead of going point! found! next one! you are screwing with your mouse to hit right pixel because its not as precise as it should be.

5. Maybe changing of colour of searcher as you go nearer the target

Just random ideas.

Good idea
good art (reminds of pipboy form fallout )

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It was simple, difficult, and yet, a little fun. However, this game has much more potential; this game would have been so much better had you added a time increase for clicks.

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2012
6:02 AM EST
Skill - Other