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Evil Teddy

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This is my final project for Scripting I. It is the first full level coded completely by me. Please feel free to give me comments/critiques.

NOTE: I did not create any of the art or sounds in this game. All of the content in this game is subject to "fair use." Section 107 of the CopyrightAct 1976.

Enjoy :)


This is lovely :D But it requires a bit more polish.

1. The HUD needs some serious work, aesthetically speaking. Right now, it takes away from the cute graphics the game has.
2. Walking up a slope doesn't work, yet walking down a slope does. Might want to make slopes walkable, instead of having to jump on it.
3. When jumping, if your head bumps into a ledge above you, it cuts your jump and you fall straight down. This is especially noticable when you're standing on the rightmost dark edge at the very start, and want to jump to the left one. Head bumps into the "ceiling" and the jump gets cut short.

It's a great beginning, but, as said, still requires alot of polish. It'll be a great game if done properly, and you're on the right path!

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It's cute, but the controls are a little unresponsive and the dog can't walk uphill.
It would also be a good idea to show the controls before the level (it took me a while to realize I could shoot with the mouse). Maybe also add an animation when you take damage.

The graphics are cute, the music is relaxing, but the sfx is weird, and there is a lots of fixes you must do, physcs and stuffs, but it´s cool.

krayzie762 responds:

hey thanks! Yea i agree, its like one of my first ever projects

but i cant go uphill :/

krayzie762 responds:

sorry, you have to jump

Everything functioned as you would expect, save for the inclines. You have to jump to progress up a hill, you can't just walk it. Other than that, not bad

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krayzie762 responds:

Yea i've only learned to use hit boxes for ground/obstacles, and it uses the bounding box so hills are made as stairs until i learn more code :(

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3.07 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2012
1:00 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop