BeyBlade Was F'n Dumb

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This was my "christmas video".... yeah, nothing Christmassy about it at all. GAH. Guess this is also my last movie submission to Newgrounds this year, and WHATTA YEAR ITS BEEN. I opened up a Facebook Fanpage recently, so of COURSE I had to make a button on the preloader, yet "oddly" it isn't another friggin' naked chick like the YouTube one... might remake them soon (faps)

While making this, I totally ruined my sleeping schedule, I was going to bed at like 4am and waking up at 7am without being able to go back to sleep, so I used my sort-of-insomnia to make this HEH. Today, I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at... 4pm? I mean I guess I got a good nights sleep but damn, its winter, I didn't get to see any daylight AT ALL today, jesus. Plus, at one stage while working on this, I came down with something nasty, most likely brought on by the bad sleep regime. I SUDDENLY got a sharp unbearable pain in my lower back, became cold, got the shivers, felt nauseous and battled a headache. It literally came out of nowhere. But anyways, I got over it, uploaded it to pootube, had a merry christmas (even though my presents were lame and I didn't watch a SINGLE christmas movie on tv which kind of ruined everything LOL) and now here it is for you guys. ENJOY, you better cos i just spent like 5 minutes writing this description gah


i remember this anime crap.
its just about advertising bullshit, with plot included.
a thing spinning around whilst some 5D monsters comes out and battling each other, and make people so interested and they thought this could happend and they buy it for wasting time look at it spinning, its just ... dumb.
and this anime i've watched the whole season, series, spin-offs, and they keep going on since 2000!!! and then it comes worse, Bakugan! just a typical balls that can transform into a figure, and other crap i've watched.
what comes next ? i know! a battle with a boy holding an piece of eyelash and beats everybody and everything and the opponent also holding an eyelash loses for no reason.
thats what i want to SEE!!!!! FUCK!!!!

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I liked Beyblade, but since I still want to fuck your brains out, have a five. :D

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SpeedoSausage responds:

So did I, we can all laugh at things being made fun of even if we like those things *coughs, points at reviews section on previous video*

And I approve of the second part, though you have to buy me dinner first ;) ;) <3 ;) xoxo ;) <3 <3 ;)

Awesome video. Watching a Beyblade tourney is just as exciting as watching Curling.

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Gold as always.
I'm really impressed at how quickly you make these from scratch! Inspiring stuff man.
Now get that ass back to bed and catch you in 2013!

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SpeedoSausage responds:

thanks man haha

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Dec 26, 2012
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