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BeyBlade Was F'n Dumb

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This was my "christmas video".... yeah, nothing Christmassy about it at all. GAH. Guess this is also my last movie submission to Newgrounds this year, and WHATTA YEAR ITS BEEN. I opened up a Facebook Fanpage recently, so of COURSE I had to make a button on the preloader, yet "oddly" it isn't another friggin' naked chick like the YouTube one... might remake them soon (faps)

While making this, I totally ruined my sleeping schedule, I was going to bed at like 4am and waking up at 7am without being able to go back to sleep, so I used my sort-of-insomnia to make this HEH. Today, I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at... 4pm? I mean I guess I got a good nights sleep but damn, its winter, I didn't get to see any daylight AT ALL today, jesus. Plus, at one stage while working on this, I came down with something nasty, most likely brought on by the bad sleep regime. I SUDDENLY got a sharp unbearable pain in my lower back, became cold, got the shivers, felt nauseous and battled a headache. It literally came out of nowhere. But anyways, I got over it, uploaded it to pootube, had a merry christmas (even though my presents were lame and I didn't watch a SINGLE christmas movie on tv which kind of ruined everything LOL) and now here it is for you guys. ENJOY, you better cos i just spent like 5 minutes writing this description gah


you used the same joke delivery i used back in 2009. thats such a pathetic statement i cant believe i just wrote it but it happenned i fucking saw it in front of my eyes. the delivery is dated, the jokes are dated, the content is barren, the irrelevance of this is just unmatched, and the subtlety took a vacation.

you need to work on making something that isn't 100% predictable, out of date, and not graspable to 90% of people.

again, better luck next time

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SpeedoSausage responds:

You literally write the same review on all of my videos pointing out the same things, and clearly I never work on them so why do you keep subjecting yourself to the "torture" of my videos if you never enjoy them? The same with psychicpebbles videos. You're pretty much waffle on about "wahhh poor delivery, waaaah random faces waaaaah", just get over your fucking self, jesus christ.

You know perfectly well I'm not taking your advice and I truly never ever will. Sorry I'm not making melodramatic dragon love story shit you'd find on the weaboo filled masses of deviantART but I'm doing what makes me and my fans happy. Which is shit like this. You have this tone when you leave these reviews where you speak of me as though I'm not going anywhere in life with this "preditcable out of date" nonsense. And, as weird as I feel saying it, I am getting well known for this stuff. I'm starting to get offers from networks to produce content for them for money that could 100% make this my living. Go make some faggy pretentious "ughh, your fans are just 11 year old delinquents who haven't the slightest notion of humor mmmm yesss unnnghhh" type of comment to your self, but I will never care. Enjoy trying to bring people down but failing (making yourself look like a big sad sack of depression in personified form) and go back to doing whatever sophisticated sprite shit you do.

Beyblade was a great show is how I remember it,but this had my ribs hurting!

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Hey! I like beyblade, it was pretty good. Even still, this video was a funny parody.

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Lol nice one bro

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DAME SO ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 26, 2012
2:50 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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