Addicted Labyrinth

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Collect as many points as possible. You can escape the labyrinth any time you want, but... It grows, so try to control your addiction to points.
Controls: WSAD or Arrow keys.


Very well-made. Added with a cool theme, this could be a hit!

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I love this shit, I am completely addicted to it but had to leave it alone for a second because I was talking on Skype. But i do love it. HA! I will be back. I want to see how long it goes on for... Im so curious about when it 'ends' or how I can 'win!!" =D

This game is very well made but with being said the controls were a bit clunky at times and the fact the leaveing the labyrinth makes you "lose" the game bugs me a bit as well. but with that aside it's a very good game and worth the play for sure.

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cod3r responds:

Losing is when your life points ends, and leaving labyrinth is winning. But I agree with you, that gameplay doesn't seem "right" for the most part of players.

great game to take boardoom away simple clean smooth moving maybe u could add balls that take away pts or monsters that chase u sometimes to force the person out or see if they wanna stay in keep up the good work

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got me playing for a few minutes. its ok

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2.97 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2012
4:21 AM EST
Puzzles - Other