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Santa Saves Christmas

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27/12/12: Some updates:
~ Menu improved slightly
~ Achievements page now displays locked achievements in silhouette form rather than hiding them completely.
~ Fixed bug which caused Achievements button to break when clicking it after visiting the Options page.
~ Sound and Music now defaults to on, although if you played before it will have saved whatever settings you finished with.

Also if you've played before, you may need to clear your cache for the update to take effect, the number in the bottom-left corner should read "1.06".

Santa Saves Christmas With the Help of His Friends: The Game, is a horizontal shooter in which you hire up to 9 reindeer and equip them with a growing range of weapons and upgrades, your goal being to overcome 4 levels of enemies and bosses.

This is a fairly small quick I worked on over the last few weeks but it provides plenty of game-play and challenge for those looking for it!

~ 4 fairly lengthy levels, each one introducing their own waves of progressively tougher enemies.
~ A variety of weapons and upgrades to unlock and choose from.
~ A collection of in-game achievements to earn.


~ Navigate the menus with the mouse
~ Options allow you to toggle Quality, Sound and Music
~ Buy items and equip them to reindeer with the mouse
~ The reindeer will follow the mouse and left-click will cause them to shoot.
~ The reindeer will switch between a horizontal line (normal formation) and a diagonal line (attack formation) when you are shooting.

That should be everything, I hope the game runs smoothly and that you're all enjoying the holiday season!

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Great game :D I am surprised this has not more reviews and views?! I must admit, the graphics aren't the best, but the gameplay is pretty fun, especially how you can add more reindeer and each can hold upto three different items - this kept me interested and made me beat the game :) Nice variety of enemies, great bosses (especially the last one, he was really hard), and lovely upgrades which give a beautiful screen if rapidfire with laser beam is enabled on all reindeers ;D

Jindo responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, really glad you enjoyed it!

The game got very little notice on both sites I uploaded it to, I'm attributing that to poor timing though and hopefully it won't happen again!

As a matter of fact I'm aiming to upload my next game some time today, be sure to keep an eye out for Dark Maze as it's far more polished than this game in my opinion!

Pretty good well drawn but the gameplay is nothing special.

its a good game not to easy not to hard love upgrade plz add upgrades

well, the enemies dont make much sense.... but the worst part is how there is NO audio or music

Jindo responds:

This was a mistake on my part, it's disabled by default but you can enable it in the options.

In my defence you only have to enable it once, everything is saved after that.

Apologies for this!

there is a bug: i kill a massive amount of enemies, but i don't win the money

Jindo responds:

Did you beat the level? The money is your reward for beating the level, I will look in to this.

Thanks for playing!