FT: Christmas Adventures

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really good

Good on the main aspect. The house was a bit confusing. Had to resort to tab to find out what was clickable and then I was able to finish it.

very fun.. and the house was a little difficult / confusing.. but there are great hints / walkthroughs below

the house was a lil difficult but worth it loved it

"Wow, sex already. That's a start.-oop! Nevermind then, onto plot I guess."
"My god you suck at your job."
"My GOD you suck at your job."
"Who the heck puts an apple in an icicle?!"
"Who puts a shovel in their house?!"
"Who locks their f*&%#!$ mailbox!?"
"YOU SUCK. AT YOUR JOB. Now come by place for christmas dinner. I'll make a turkey or somethin' an' dress it up real nice."


"Oh hey, hot lady."

Doesn't matter, had the hoopderscotch. 5 stars.