Santa’s Castle Defense

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Santa's elves have been infected resulting in zombie-like symptoms. Prevent the destruction of Santa's home in this castle defense game. Use various upgrades to help you blast those zombie elves away. Happy Holidays from Cosmo Arcade!
Simple but sweet.


this could honestly be redone to look like a normal zombie defence game, mabe with some music for the rage mode

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cosmoarcade responds:

where's your holiday spirit, emo boyyy!!!?? thanks for the unconstructive comment, those are always greatly appreciated and unbelievably helpful

I feel that it needs more refinement. More speed would be nice. Just speed everything up. Remember that there are tons of other games on this site; you need to make sure that people will stay with your game. If you give them something that is slow going and easy, then it won't entice them to stay. But if you give them something fast-paced and challenging, then they are more likely to stay. Also, a tutorial would be nice. I know that this is a very simple game, but a tutorial would give the game a more professional feel. Finally, I feel it would be nice to have a death animation, rather then just a "DEFEAT" sign at the end. Just an explosion would be nice, doesn't have to be fancy. It's just disappointing when I die and just get a pop-up. It has potential, keep working at it.

cosmoarcade responds:

I'll keep that in mind, thanks a for the review!!

candy canes and other items constantly end up off the screen and you lose them.

cosmoarcade responds:

sorry :(

you're better off though!! too many cavities :D

in future games that have similar mechanics in collectibles I'll be sure and program it differently... thanks

Love the graphics, very detailed and polished.
The sound effects were spot on as well and I enjoyed the soundtrack.
Played this for a while and really enjoyed it.
Hopefully you'll make more games as fun as this in the future.
Keep it up!

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cosmoarcade responds:

Thanks a lot! glad you liked it :) means a lot!

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2.92 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2012
3:29 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense