Discoball & the Loanshark

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I've been working on this movie for over two years. Not two years straight, mind. On and off over the course of two years. I kept changing and fixing things as my style improved, and then putting it away for another month as I got bored of redoing my old artwork. I have only recently managed to get this movie into a presentable state.

Discoball is in desperate need of cash, and agrees to the steep terms of a loan shark. But when that shark unexpectedly comes to collect, what will Discoball do?


really slow and hard to understand, I understand your hard work, but remember you care make people care from the beginning

AnkhClock responds:

I cared from the beginning.

I really can see the two years worth of time put into this. In my case, it would take far longer than two years to make something like it. Because I suck, much like Frank2982. But I really did like that it is a complete story and didn't rely on "random" humor like so many terrible Flash movies now-a-days. Nicely done, good sir! I look forward to that sequel in 2016! {{{}}}

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AnkhClock responds:

Give me fifty mil and I'll get you producer credit on the sequel!

They don't even have mouths to eat burgers...I'll shut up now

Nothing too fancy hear but it told a linear joke came left and ended with a good punchline. That's all ya need!

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AnkhClock responds:

A tragedy I'll explore in Discoball & the Loanshark II, coming 2016.

Decent animation.
The soundtrack and voice acting seems to be a little distorted.
The story was rather long, although it kept me semi-content.

AnkhClock responds:

Okay the voice acting I can see since it's Speakonia. But the soundtrack? That's the Grateful Dead, man.

Grooooooovy, man.

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AnkhClock responds:

Far out!

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4.38 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2012
9:57 PM EST
Comedy - Original