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A small handful of survivors have gathered together in the ruins of the apocalypse to share where they where when the world ended.


Good start. Then it got pretty stupid. Had to stop watching cause I wasn't sure if I would have to sit through another 5 minutes of retardation.
Also, if a tree falls and no one hears it, it still makes sound.
Unless... -goes back in time to witness the tree fall which made no sound- oh wow it really didn't make any sound. yeah okay

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Agreed with Replicant. First story was really compelling and wanted more from that subject.
AAAAAAnd then it got shitty. And it seemed you kinda pushed someone to animate something they didn't want to and thereby decreased the quality of your own project.

Im not a fan of those clock things. Would be nice if they were real characters.

aww man!............ i was really impressed with the first couple of animations. i was watching this with a biased eyes, because clock animations are for the most part....... pretty terrible, actually terrible to the point of wanting to just shutting down my computer. HOWEVER the beginning got to me, i was really interested in the premise. the details were amazing and there was real effort put into this, theeeeeeeeeen things went bad...... i lost all interest and now im making this review as the movie plays since i lost interest in it.

whoever made the first couple of entries, if you make clock animations, KEEP AT IT! help clock animations come out of that "suck" state. make something good so we can all turn and look at clock animations in a different way.

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As I understand it all the AI's are not fully functional. They all have a scew loose after the explosion. The movie ended terrible but a conclusion could have saved it. Like a reveal of what really happened. Perhaps a Godzilla?

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3.74 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2012
11:53 PM EST