The Meek

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A small handful of survivors have gathered together in the ruins of the apocalypse to share where they where when the world ended.


Actually, those uys speak in franch but this is not my goal. This flash is just broken.

It was really a very well made collab, despite the fact that some animations did not blend very well with the quality of the others. In many ways you could compare this to the way humanity itself progressed over time, to the point that it is today. Our culture as it is in the present is quite disapointing compared to the way it was a few decades in the past, and if some can remember the literature and world views of those times then one would notice how many bright minds have great invisions as to what humanity would become. It is sad to see that our expectations never became a reality, but instead degenerated many of the things that made our cultures unique over time.

Overall, I loved it.

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a few animations where really nice, and the rest is unwatchable, it has so much potential and just gone to waste, so for those good ones i gave the 2 stars

WHAT? Why?

Why did you make this decent concept, with an interesting style, a friggin clock crew movie?

This had so much promise.

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It was sad to see the promise it started out with degrade into the mute twitchy mess, but seeing how it had an almost measured degradation I'm going to assume that was the intended effect in which case bravo you made your point

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3.74 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2012
11:53 PM EST