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This supposed to be called 'Super Hero Clock Teaser Trailer' but NG limit the number of characters for title input. But anyway, Super Hero Clock is back in animation action! There will be new characters, new villains, a storyline and more!

But for those who've seen Super Hero Clock for the first time, I highly recommend you check out the original vintage Super Hero Clock 2007 animation. The link is available in the movie.

Thanks to these guys for the epic soundtracks:
Alecxace - Ride of Your Life (Final)
Veneox - Callisteia

Video version was converted using Swivel from Newgrounds (Thanks Tom and Mike Welsh!)


I thought of releasing some Super Hero Clock stuff this year but wasn't free to release the first episode so, within the last 6 weeks, I made this teaser of it and then released it on Dec 21 thinking "Well, that's some SHC stuff this year at least..."

I hope you guys enjoy this Super Hero Clock teaser trailer!


Hmm.... Seems like one of those Cartoons that appear on Cartoon Network.

Music is what makes this great.

I'm going to be critical here, but only because I want this series to be good. There were a lot of wonderful things about this, like the voices, the 3d rendering, the after effects, music... I could go on telling you what you are already aware looks/sounds good, and I won't. One of the first noticeable elements that I felt let this down was the depth in the characters when compares to their surroundings. This does improve during the video as your using shading and lighting to make them appear not so flat, but that's lacking at the beginning. Perhaps you were making this trailer and improving as you went, and that's great. But I feel you should at least go back and deepen the opening details to the quality of the last 20 seconds of the teaser. Another Item that you may want to address reletive to this is the colour set. You have dark scenes with a very bright pallette for your illustrated subjects (like the playing card at the beginning was the first thing to catch my eye). If you get what I mean, certain things stands out for the wrong reasons.

Where the voices are fantastic quality, the lip sync lets your cast down. You relly need to reassess all the vowles, tongue, tooth and jaw movements you need for convincing speech. It's not like the lip movements you have done are wrong, there just arn't enough variations of movements compares to what your characters are saying to us. I know what others that may have read my previous reviews may say... 'But loads of people have limited mouth movements and you don't say anything about them'. ...That'll be because a lot of similar things I've reviewed/commented on doesn't have the potetial this does, and I want to do my public duty to help make it right.
This may be a sensitive topic now, and it really is my Opinion alone here, but I was in two minds about watching this video all together, because of the title. I know, 'Don't judge a book by it's cover', and its true I shouldn't had, because this was good! But my thoughts only, but 'Super Hero Clock' is a really lousy title. I think you might lose a lot of potential viewers because of it.

So... Depth, Lips, Title. Those are my areas of negative nancies for this. Open those files up, tweak them and re-release this Teaser. I can bet you will have even more positive feedback. Loking foward to the first episode. Don't let the tiny details let you down! ^_^

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Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

I understand and accept your comments. Thank you very much. Currently, I'm a one-man army at doing this. The only help I get are from voice actors. So I know the quality of some parts will have to suffer. :P And also because of that, I'm using anime-style lip sync(open/close mouth movements only). That is much easier to do.
As for the title, I also thought of changing it to something else better but then it has been 'Super Hero Clock' for the past 6 years. If i changed it, those who know it as is would not be aware of it.
But anyway, thanks for watching.

Oh look, Shaco.

Solid almost 4 by the way. Artwork average by my standards, animation quality is a bit choppy in some areas, character design isn't particularly special or stands out to me, but you know... You did really, really well with scenery, that and the transitioning is pretty by-the-book, standard, but executed with textbook skill.

This is just a teaser, so a lot of the stuff may not even be final. If I had to have any kind of input, it'd be make the design for Clockman a bit more special... He's just in a rather plain tight jumpsuit with a clock symbol on his chest, recognizable. But plain. Give him maybe a bit of light armor, a helmet maybe? Streamlined helmet, maybe show a bit more face? Or even a mask with a not-so-intimidating look, at this point he looks a bit like a villain instead. Remember you can still look cool while looking like a good guy.

Also the way he forms a weapon from his body... Not very clock-like. Maybe he could call forth a sword that looks like the hand of a clock? Daggers that look like the smaller clock hands? I dunno, to me, if you get rid of the clock symbol, he just looks like your regular mook.

But this is all from a design perspective, it may not matter to you, and you don't have to follow this kind of advice if you don't want to, but throwing my input out there for you... From a design perspective. Otherwise the concept looks rather regular, normal superhero stuff, with that being said... Making this look as cool as possible, and as unique and stylish as possible, should be in your best interest.

Well it looks like it has the potential to be great, though to be honest, the design of the Hero reminds me of a blander version of Time Man from Megaman Powered Up. The voice acting was great and the animation was decent, interested in seeing more in the future. Do your best!

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Dec 21, 2012
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