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This supposed to be called 'Super Hero Clock Teaser Trailer' but NG limit the number of characters for title input. But anyway, Super Hero Clock is back in animation action! There will be new characters, new villains, a storyline and more!

But for those who've seen Super Hero Clock for the first time, I highly recommend you check out the original vintage Super Hero Clock 2007 animation. The link is available in the movie.

Thanks to these guys for the epic soundtracks:
Alecxace - Ride of Your Life (Final)
Veneox - Callisteia

Video version was converted using Swivel from Newgrounds (Thanks Tom and Mike Welsh!)


I thought of releasing some Super Hero Clock stuff this year but wasn't free to release the first episode so, within the last 6 weeks, I made this teaser of it and then released it on Dec 21 thinking "Well, that's some SHC stuff this year at least..."

I hope you guys enjoy this Super Hero Clock teaser trailer!


I rememeber seeing your first version of this years ago. Your animation has definitely improved since then. This looks like a pretty high quality series. I look forward to the finished product. Well done, my friend.

This is an improvement from the original.

I never really expected you to elaborate on your concept, but you did it quite well. However, it's just a trailer and not a proper pilot.

Animation: Interesting mix between 2d, 3d, and photograph backgrounds; it looks like something that Ralph Bakshi did back in the '70s, but in a good way. Your animation has improved considerably since you made the original five years ago, along with a clever usage of Flash gradients. However, your colors could have used some improvement.
Audio: The music that you chose was excellent and fit the situation quite well; but I think you could expand your music roster by checking out the likes of Dythen, Deshiel, xenith800, Bosa, Hopeku, Tremulos, Cutting-Christ, DJ Harlock/Cross666, and Dialo. On the other hand, the voice acting is very deadpan and generic.
Content: While it's just a trailer, the direction is a step up from the original, along with the pacing. I can see this being up there with Stick Slayer, Joe Zombie, Madness, Bunnykill, and Keegan's Truck with that kind of direction. That, and your writing is also good.

What's Good:
-Good animation
-Great direction
-Clever use of imported photography
-Excellent music

What's Bad:
-The voice acting isn't very good
-The fact that this is a trailer

Overall: Here's a nine and I look forward to the first real episode. (4.5/5)

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I have high expectations. you have a great potential in this, please keep doing your best!

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Really sweet,
I liked this, only one little detail that bugged me.

The backgrounds, it looked like some better then others, the quality that is then.

Nothing else though,
Looking forward to your amazing promises, like ''storyline's'' and ''new villians''

Good luck with future animations,

The D

Yeah! it's finally going to become a series! I was around when you first made the original clock-hero flash, and I was disappointed when nothing seemed to come of it. I await the first episode/animation with great anticipation.

Aside from that, criticisms:

Animations: mouth-movement was already addressed by Muzz-Xandre, so I'll leave that as "already known"

Sound: sound was, overall, well done. Two problems of note though.
1) the initial "jump" sound (mid-air, not off-roof.) had some odd clicking.
2) The wooshing sound as the hero lands on the roof after previously mentioned jump sounded like it was distorted slightly, enough to catch my attention.

Character Design: this is a question more than a criticism. Is the main character's hoodie supposed to be two colors(hood/body)? It's just something that struck me as curious.

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Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Ya. Tick's hood has a different color compared to the rest of his hoodie. I know its an odd sight but I didn't realize such hoodies didn't really exist when I was creating the character years before. :P

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Dec 21, 2012
8:52 AM EST