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This supposed to be called 'Super Hero Clock Teaser Trailer' but NG limit the number of characters for title input. But anyway, Super Hero Clock is back in animation action! There will be new characters, new villains, a storyline and more!

But for those who've seen Super Hero Clock for the first time, I highly recommend you check out the original vintage Super Hero Clock 2007 animation. The link is available in the movie.

Thanks to these guys for the epic soundtracks:
Alecxace - Ride of Your Life (Final)
Veneox - Callisteia

Video version was converted using Swivel from Newgrounds (Thanks Tom and Mike Welsh!)


I thought of releasing some Super Hero Clock stuff this year but wasn't free to release the first episode so, within the last 6 weeks, I made this teaser of it and then released it on Dec 21 thinking "Well, that's some SHC stuff this year at least..."

I hope you guys enjoy this Super Hero Clock teaser trailer!


I'm Just saying Tick Tock. Waiting for this!

yes finaly :D

Oh look, Shaco.

Solid almost 4 by the way. Artwork average by my standards, animation quality is a bit choppy in some areas, character design isn't particularly special or stands out to me, but you know... You did really, really well with scenery, that and the transitioning is pretty by-the-book, standard, but executed with textbook skill.

This is just a teaser, so a lot of the stuff may not even be final. If I had to have any kind of input, it'd be make the design for Clockman a bit more special... He's just in a rather plain tight jumpsuit with a clock symbol on his chest, recognizable. But plain. Give him maybe a bit of light armor, a helmet maybe? Streamlined helmet, maybe show a bit more face? Or even a mask with a not-so-intimidating look, at this point he looks a bit like a villain instead. Remember you can still look cool while looking like a good guy.

Also the way he forms a weapon from his body... Not very clock-like. Maybe he could call forth a sword that looks like the hand of a clock? Daggers that look like the smaller clock hands? I dunno, to me, if you get rid of the clock symbol, he just looks like your regular mook.

But this is all from a design perspective, it may not matter to you, and you don't have to follow this kind of advice if you don't want to, but throwing my input out there for you... From a design perspective. Otherwise the concept looks rather regular, normal superhero stuff, with that being said... Making this look as cool as possible, and as unique and stylish as possible, should be in your best interest.

haha anyone else think this was a cock joke having clock teaser at the end XD :P anyways this looks awesome

Oh man I remember watching the first flick to this back in 2007, I never thought it would be turned into a big thing, can't wait to see it in action mate

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Dec 21, 2012
8:52 AM EST