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Super Hero Clock Teaser

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This supposed to be called 'Super Hero Clock Teaser Trailer' but NG limit the number of characters for title input. But anyway, Super Hero Clock is back in animation action! There will be new characters, new villains, a storyline and more!

But for those who've seen Super Hero Clock for the first time, I highly recommend you check out the original vintage Super Hero Clock 2007 animation. The link is available in the movie.

Thanks to these guys for the epic soundtracks:
Alecxace - Ride of Your Life (Final)
Veneox - Callisteia

Video version was converted using Swivel from Newgrounds (Thanks Tom and Mike Welsh!)


I thought of releasing some Super Hero Clock stuff this year but wasn't free to release the first episode so, within the last 6 weeks, I made this teaser of it and then released it on Dec 21 thinking "Well, that's some SHC stuff this year at least..."

I hope you guys enjoy this Super Hero Clock teaser trailer!


Holy crap talk about the last thing I expected to see on the front page, I always thought you were one of those animaters who made one amazing thing and vanshied forever. Glad to see thats not the case and that your animation is still very good quality. I cant wait for this series!

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Well I am no pro in your degree, but please hear my thoughts. The animation was abosolutely splendid. Very smooth and very proportinol. The voices were ok, seemed somewhat unreal but who knows how that will turn out. Your character design on the people shown in the trailer seem simple but memorable, especially the most probable villains we see at the end. The trailer really started to kick twards the end when much movement and suspense built. If you can incorporate that into your main series, it will defeinitely take it and fly my friend. Your work is really good and can only get better. Good luck, its too bad this wasnt first page longer, unfortunately it is true that the community of newgrounds holds comedy simply higher beyond all. But if your series can rise to the front page then that will prove something different that we would all hope for. So keep going and dont lose motivation, for that seems to be the antagonist of great series. Good luck.

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Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Thank you for your great comment. Newgrounds seemed to feature animations that had high scores years before. Now I dunno how the NG frontpaging system works anymore. But anyway, frontpage or not, as long as people enjoy it and anticipate it, I'll do my best for this.

Let me ask this straight to Newgrounds, P-Bot, Tom, whatever does the Frontpage animations...
So basically pieces of fucking apeshit like Batman Eats Pikachu and Batman Eats Pikachu PARODY gets on the frontpage but good stuff like this doesn't?
UHHMMM excuse me isn't there a LITTLE problem?
Seriously, why wasn't this on the frontpage?

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I love it espeshialy because of my love for super power or hero based things is the game out?

so happy to see him back in action

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2012
8:52 AM EST