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Short Story

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Author Comments

Not a typical story, but i'd love to hear everybodies thoughts.
Thank you.


So you animated a bunch of generic shapes moving in 2D and 3D shapes.. Then added narration that left me confused. While some of the animated bits presented well, most of this was lost on me. What was your intention with this?

jibbodahibbo responds:

This Intention is that this is a conceptual art piece. I chose 3d as my medium to create a visual space that the viewer can be part of. I am only one person, since this piece is conceptual and not meant for entertainment I did not want to focus all of my time and effort on creating an amazingly beautiful 3d animation. There are studios of 3d animators who can pump out amazing, beautiful, heartwarming stories much better and faster than I can. I'd rather not compete with 3d animation studios, and get blown out of the water.

This flash animation is done in such a way that the story/stories is/are not directly told or shown,instead it is portrayed by the strange shape formations and movements and confusing sentences that do not seem to connect with one another like there is more than one story being told in this flash.Firstly,sorry if copying lines breaches any copyright stuff or something but this is for reviewing purposes.

(1)'The followers were trying to fish for them but no one was watching.'
(2)'Towards the east side,there were blemishes not worth the time or effort to be concerned with.'
(3)'The drive could have used more room but it was quick for its cost.'
(4)'It will always be this longing question that people will have about the various boxes.'
(5)'He replied"Art should be enough for us."
(6)'She catiously worked her way towards the waste and was prepared for what she was about to experience.'
(7)'The medium wasn't that hard but he never tried it before.'
As mentioned above,the sentences are confusing as either different nameless characters(Lines 1,5 and 7),told in a third person view,were doing things or things are happening(Lines 2,3,4 and 6),both without any reasons given.The way that the lines do not have any connections to one another leaves viewers wondering what would all the lines mean after watching this.Some would think that this makes little or no sense because nothing is obvious here but that is the point here or at least it may be,the lines could have hidden meanings or messages or that they could be lines taken off stories the creator has in mind.Either way,the strange shape formations gives this flash a kind of strange compelling feel.Well done on this as this is quite a new way to tell a stor.

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jibbodahibbo responds:

Wow, great response. Thank you!

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0.58 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2012
7:16 PM EST