Berzerk Ball 2

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Adrian 5 Points

Get 6 Challenge Medals.

One small step for a geek... 5 Points

Reach 40,000 Distance.

Total Noob 5 Points

Get your team to level 5.

What's the hurry? 5 Points

Reach 400 Speed.

Appolo 10 Points

Get 9 Challenge Medals.

Major League 10 Points

Reach 100,000 Distance.

Regular Noob 10 Points

Get your team to level 10.

Turbo Nerd 10 Points

Reach 600 Speed.

Col. Mustard 25 Points

[?], [?], [?], [?], Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start...

Drago 25 Points

Get 12 Challenge Medals.

Fat and Furious 25 Points

Reach 700 Speed.

Hercule Poirot 25 Points

One is Silver and the other's Gold...

Homerunesque 25 Points

Reach 200,000 Distance.

Lt. Colombo 25 Points

Geek ain't no dev'...

Sherlock Holmes 25 Points

Girls around the world...

Still a little Noobish 25 Points

Get your team to level 15.

Theo Kojak 25 Points

Rough way back...

Not a Noob anymore...almost 50 Points

Get your team to level 20

Rocky 50 Points

Get 15 Challenge Medals

So far, so Geek 50 Points

Reach 350,000 Distance.

What just passed by? 50 Points

Reach 800 Speed.

Alright, you're good...Damn Cheater! 100 Points

Get your team to level 25.

It's a bird...It's a Plane...It's PWNED!!! 100 Points

Reach 500,000 Distance.

TCB in a Flash 100 Points

Reach 900 Speed.

Tiger whom Rocky has the eye of 100 Points

Get 18 Challenge Medals.

Author Comments

Update 2.0: Berzerk Ball 2 is now bigger, longer and well, isn't that enough?

Added a new barrier to break.
New bonuses to unlock.
Improved geek smashing & balance
Longer overall gameplay


Let out some rage on internet geeks and smash them into oblivion! Berzerk Ball 2 is finally here! Your objective is simple; select a character, build a geek, then smash him as far as you can! It won't be easy; he'll insult you and make fun of you in 1337 speak as you repeatedly hit him further and further! Best of all, you can upgrade your character learn new moves, earn new weapons, and other items that increase your stats and impact the overall damage you do to your nerd!


love it but i think berzerk ball 1 is better the nerd hits everything unlike this 1 and you can kinda move the nerd witch did help... AlanXun who cares if balloon is a robot and Fullmetals challenge 2 is beyond easy first time i played it i got a perfect just keep trying

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this game is really good. love it

I loved everything about the game.
Only problem is that after I had over 15 in-game medals, especially the 18 medal achievement, and refreshed the page, the medals didn't show up as unlocked on the main medal screen.

BerzerkStudio responds:

Hi Toalgniki !
We just uploaded a new version (version 1.01) It should award you with the medal even if you already completed the achievements in the game. Just get to the map and they should unlock ! Refresh your cache to get the right version ! Thanks for your feedback !

This is a fun game, about hitting a "geek" an initially short distance, which becomes increasingly longer as you upgrade your character. This is what the game would appear to be about, like so many other similar games (involving penguins, birds, etc.,), but this game dpes this very well in many regards, such as the inventiveness of the "Teammates" (npc characters which occasionally come and help you out), the cartoon-like effects, and the way you can configure the experience points of your hitter is something that can be experimented with as your points can be reset without much cost. Also the different worlds you unlock and the challenges add a bit of diversity. Finally as I found, the last 2 objectives are very hard to reach, meaning you will spend a long time on this game if you want to fully complete it.

It's not all that original, and the idea of it being that you're hitting a "geek" a massive distance with a weapon isn't quite as appealing as with similar games (at least to me), but for what it is, it's done very well. I'd definitely recommend giving this a play.

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I think I broke it :I. I hit it the geek at just the right angle and now he can't stop, I had no perks or special weapons, didn't ruin the game forever, it's just wierd.

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Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2012
3:50 PM EST
Skill - Toss
  • Frontpaged December 20, 2012
  • Daily Feature December 20, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place December 26, 2012