Transformers Play 'House'

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Optimus Prime vs Sound Wave!

Hey y'all, re-jigged the sound of my Tranformers movie so it runs a bit smoother. I thought it was worthy of another release.... hopefuly it might score a bit higher. Thanks for viewing, please review, I love reading them. Cheers! Pete

P.S I know it is a bit of a huge download, but I think it's worth it..Let me know what y'all think of it.

18/8/02 Thanks for everyone who reviewed my movie, good or bad. Sorry if I sounded really mad at Bacardi Retardi clock, I just don't respond well to hairy arsed 15 year old geeks that I don't know threatening me. Tit.


Funny, but what the hell?!

That had transformers in it, but it also had what seemed like an Australian/British prank call... very wierd, but hilarious, no doubt about that. The 3d was pretty good, and ran smoothly.

A little cheap and cheerful

Very nice looking movie, but HUGE (good thing I have broadband). Was a little tedious to watch actually, had nothing to do with the Transformers so a tad pointless. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's sitting at a crossroads and doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

Peterdonaldson responds:

I AGREE. I just knew I wanted to do something with a couple of 3D models I had kicking around, and I really like Transformers. Half way through I kinda thought that it sucked. But I am glad I finished it. And I do want to do another movie with the transformers characters, but with my own soundtrack.

You don't get a high vote.

I love the transformers. They were awesome. But the thing is, you're movie, fun as it is, is really, REALLY buggy. I had to start it over three times. Do something with it; fix it. I enjoyed however much of it I saw, and that wasn't a whole lot for 4.8 megs.

Peterdonaldson responds:

Yeah, basically, the whole movie throws around piles an piles of vectors and jpegs around, with a full mp3 soundtrack. I made it on a 1.7 ghz P4 machine which is perhaps above average specs for flash. I think thats the only reason it ever cocked up, that the flash is quite demanding. Not saying that your machine is shitty though (he he)


Amusing -- a the voice reminds me of my neighbor & my college roomate.

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2.58 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2002
3:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody