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Sprite A Day Revenge: 16

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why isn't this pacwoman? she's not married so why is her name "pacman"? is she a man? does she have balls and a cock? find out.

thanks for keeping up with the new sprite a day! this is a daily compilation of submissions that anyone can send in and be credited for!

if you'd like to join, send me a private message and i'll gladly give you the specifications and other things you might need, but just in case you want to know here...

stage size: 350x200
background color: any
flash 8-CS3 please. i hate conversions and it slows down the projects.
name your symbols!!!

every day there will be a different subject to make a short sprite flash about. tomorrow's will be karnov, so if you want to go ahead and get to work, feel free! =D

PS: sorry i got this out late. i was trying for an hour to get exorz part to work, but it crashed flash multiple times. he gets a non-author credit because he did work on a part, as well as metroidfan, but exorz simply wouldn't work. sorry man =(

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You're probably right Dante224 this video series is the worst thing mankind has ever produced

Horsenwelles responds:

delicious guy

who are you again?

Dante224:Wow!So funny!Quality Internet Entertainement FTW! XD
PiggyClock: the bow is the power up to transform Pacman into Ms Pac-man!
Snowybangers: Oh my!This is funny!Than Pac-Yoshi is coming eat Inky!
Mikey:The alimentary food?Sound interesting! LOL
Hawkey: Instead of kissing,Pac-man eat her! ;P

I love the Dante animation!Escapply in the "Disclaimer" XD

Horsenwelles responds:

oh wow thats awesome. thanks =)

The others sucked, but I loved Dante's.

Horsenwelles responds:

well thank you! we work like dogs for your pleasure.

If i was a Tiger Queen so i shall use the tiger pixies will bite more harder & shit you right now!
Are you crazy???

Yeh yeh, sorry, just kidding!
More funny >:3!

Horsenwelles responds:

what was that mess?

not what i was expecting but still very entertaining to say the least, good job :)

Horsenwelles responds:

great job

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3.64 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2012
1:54 AM EST