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Chirstmas Word Search

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1Level 5 Points

I Remeber What Xmas is !

2Level 5 Points

I'm ready to make this

3Level 5 Points

I look good

4Level 5 Points

Gift for everyone

5Level 5 Points

geography approved

6Level 5 Points

Of Course I remember you...

7Level 5 Points

Let's go

Merry Xm 10 Points

Win in Easy Mode

Merry Xma 25 Points

Win in Normal Mode

Merry Xmas!! 50 Points

Win in hard mode

Author Comments

Word Search!
Just use the mouse (Click and press down )


The word puzzle is automatically created by a code I create:
First it put the words to find
And the empty spaces are filled with words from the A to the Z
so if you find a word like ***** or **** or *** or ***** or ***** or ******* or *****
is just coincidence, for that this game is for Teenagers (?)....

so sorry if you found an offensive word you can go to menu and replay the game if it affect you or rate 0 and exit

I Created a soup with all, but later I say... Now What?
So I thought create a medieval game You have to search the words to defeat your enemy but I left the idea...

so I think in Xmas... and well here is the result... is a game not for kids, because kids don't like to search words... and is not for adults because is for kids xD!


Not a bad game at all. A little annoying to have to play through three times to get all three medals. Maybe make it so that beating on hard/normal unlocks all other difficulty medals below that. On Normal and Hard, some of the randomly generated characters formed words that were on the word list, which results in phantom instances of the correct word.

People find this review helpful!

Nice! It's been ages since I played a word search, and with medals especially this was a lot of fun. In difference from many other games it's one that anyone can complete, no matter how good they are, they just need to spend enough time on it. :) The intro animation was fun, though your animation doesn't seem as great as your coding. ;) The script works great, the three difficulty modes are just challenging enough too. Easy was easy, normal was a challenge, and I'll play hard later when I have time, it'll probably take a while. In two levels two of the words were found on two locations, and the duplicates could not be clicked, but it's nothing that really affects gameplay. Music was ambient and the layout simple. Only annoying thing was Santa popping up all the time in easy mode, blocking the words. Maybe he could pop up only when you complete a level? Or let out a Ho Ho Ho! instead of appearing? Anyway, lotta fun, keep up the good work!


Lenke responds:

I'm Happy of you enjoy it ;)

My review is in spanish for the owner of the game, because I know he talk in spanish:

El juego es divertido, tiene una introducción momentáneamente buena (y un tanto estúpida, por cierto, para niños muy pequeños), con voces en español y en inglés como se debe, pero los gráficos no son muy buen llevados, parecen hechos muy rápido y además de que se notan las gruesas.

El sistema del juego es bueno, es divertido hasta cierto punto y la música no es tan repetitiva y está buena para combinarla con el juego en
Hay varios errores, como que en algunas palabras hay cosas mal escritas (como que en una parte dice Jugutes en la versión de español) o como que al poner MUTE en medio del juego, vuelves a colocarlo y ya no funciona.

Los niveles están buenos y concuerdan con lo que viene a ser "el de la navidad, además, el modo es muy entretenido.
Pero no es nada ni nuevo ni interesante, sólo una sopa de letras interactiva con una música de fondo, aún me gusto.


Lenke responds:

no pongas acentos por que tienen codificación sin acentos, vos sabrás mejor que yo cual es... xD!

si, es verdad la animacion la hice rapida... XD!
pero bueno lo importante es que el juego te gusto... XD!

It wouldn't give me the medal for winning hard mode. other then that it was fun

Es un juego con un diseño bastante simple, las animaciones y los gráficos son relativamente mediocres, pero los códigos que usaste y la temática en del juego me gustó. Los niveles están bien hechos y son bastante interactivos. mucho mejor si, como antes, tuviera mejores gráficas, pero aparte de eso, es un juego muy bien hecho, y se nota el esfuerzo que pusiste en él. Buena suerte en tus próximos juegos.

Lenke responds:


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3.48 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2012
10:18 AM EST
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