What are the odds?

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Update: I made this when I was fifteen. Settle down.

circa 2012:

BEFORE YOU LEAVE A REVIEW, take this with a grain of salt- many of the "facts" here are purely theoretical and unquantifiable, as is the exact odds of your existence. This animation was created to entertain, and lots of my research has been simplified to reach a greater audience (not to say it isn't accurate, however, it's all as accurate as I could ever get). So don't get all science-y on me, I'm not a professional science-y guy. I just googled some data and multiplied it all together for your amusement. ~Enjoy!

Originally created for NATA 2012, which I ended up winning. Rad!

So this one's actually been finished for a while now, but I didn't have the chance to upload it because of some video file conversion issues, which were resolved by my good pal Ricepirate (thanks!) It's way different than anything else I've ever done, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway :)

So a quick word on the tournament this was for-
I had 25 days to make this, so naturally I saved pretty much all of it for the last week or so. Then a series of increasingly misfortunate things happened, such as my graphics tablet breaking, not being able to find my files, and accidentally overwriting half of my movie seven hours before the deadline. Somehow I managed to pull all the pieces back together, and as luck would have it, I came in first place for the round. My direct opponent for that round, Slackman, came in a close second, which means if I had gotten any lower than first, I would have lost before the semi-finals.

What are the odds?


oh man, depthy

You have a point there, but hey, if I hadn't made it, someone other had.
One body or another. People don't live. Bodys live. People just live through the body, and the chance of a body born, is a lot higher.

What this video tells me is that it is entirely possible for everybody in Alaska to sneeze at exactly the same time.
Imagine the look on their faces afterwards

Emrox responds:

sneeze heard around the world.

Well sort of. All probability is relative because it's a ratio, and if you want to compound all probability you end up deviding by either zero or infinity. In order to calculate the probability of something specific you have to start with a specific point to begin your calculation. That point is *always* the most reacent. If you wok backwards then you can stop yourself at a point and say "the probability of x happening is relative to y, the total number of possibilities." Also, like I said, if you wanted to be complete instead of stopping at an arbitrary point in time you would trace back all the way to the beginning of time; the big bang. The chances of that happening are unknown, and because of that it's either infinite or undefined (devision by zero). Furthermore, there is a theory that, because of the vastness of the universe, there is someone else exactly like you at this exact moment in time but a different point in space. So one could argue that, taking into account the entirety of the universe, the chances of exactly you existing (ignoring spacial location) is very very high. If the universe were infinitely large then the chances of exactly you existing are exactly 1. Not 1 in 2, not 1 in 10^900,000, 1 in 1. A 100% chance of you existing. In an infinite universe, which this one isn't. But due to the size of the universe, the odds of exactly you existing at some point in space time are astronomically high. Just saying. Sorry if this is confusing to anybody.

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Emrox responds:

Based off of the estimated size of the universe and how we have yet to find life within other areas, I'm not so sure that there are infinite different happenings at some point in space. Or at least in the third dimension.

And yes, the probability is relative, but it's for the same reason you wouldn't factor "chances of being hit by a car in any point in your life" into "chances of winning the lottery."

This video made me feel special :D It makes you realize that your life isn't a waste and that we're all lucky to be alive!

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