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I based this flash off of two things. The original Ogg the Friendly Abomination flash which can be seen at www.war3files.com and the introduction movie to Warcraft 3. Hopefully fans of the games will enjoy watching this.


I must say...

I'm sorry. That was just ugly. I can understand if you lose interest in something, (Hell, I'd lose track of me own head if I didn't have it surgically attached to my neck) but at least put in a bloody play button! I mean, really, that's just common decency. I did like the concept, however. Learn flash and try again; but this time either go all the way through, or just don't submit it, sir.

Hmm..interesting flash!

When i get w3 i´ll make a Abomination hero named Ogg.


Why does parts of this movie look good and the other half look something a 6 year old puked up. Consistancy is key.

dont understand

sorry i've never player warcraft 3 and i didnt understand this at all, but it was n alright piece of animating.
btw: i dont happen to have a supercomputer (although i'd like one =P) and the flash played fine on high quality, dont lower the quality in the flash, its annoying lol =)

wouldent make sense if you hadnt played WC3

the reviewer b4 me prollbably hadnt played war craft 3 so didnt know what was happening...or was just stonned...either, he was wrong, great movie, the only thing was if you were not going to colour in the orc and the human you should have given them an outline so you could distinguse between them and everything else. it was funny how the abomination looked like it was dying in the hole and no threat to anyway. nice movie.

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Aug 17, 2002
12:40 PM EDT