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Double Dimension

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A neat running game where you must match the color of the ground to keep on running (by pushing the space key). Grab coins for bonus time points, and make sure you beware of the spikes! See how long you can survive for!

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It's quite a good game. I feel like something more should be added. And first minute playing I already found a bugg somehow I jumped and he bugged and the time kept going

its...some kind of twisted light side/dark side thing......its like the guy im playing as is crazy and he can travel at multi dimensional speeds and can see his own world....its like a work of art....two dinfrint visions....it has an odd felling to it....like a twist....this game is its own game which is its own game...its beautiful....now let me take my pills...there we go...well...anyways....this is a good game....real confusing though,

Fun game, I would of liked it more if the button didn't like for a split second right after you hit it (Or may just be my internet? I doubt it though.) But I got used to it and jumped that split second before every time. So not a big deal. Other than all that, I actually enjoyed the game. maybe make different versions of it, such as easy, medium, hard. Or Trippy where it is many colors at once and you use different keys to change to those colors, or one where there is stuff all over your screen making it hard to see the ground. Your choice, hope my review helped. Good job! ^.^

Man I love this, I'm trying to rank up in the leader-board, I don't know whats with all the haters, this is simple and fun.

a little bit like canabalt...

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3.20 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2012
1:39 PM EST