Mutant Fighting Cup

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Grow and mutate your animal to fight through the stages and become World Mutant Fighting Champion


Dog=A spider with thorns and dinosaur skin PLUS tentaclez

Its a funny games
buth you can only choos 3 things to make him stronger is that not boring it would be cooler with a lion not a cute dog

Interesting idea, poor execution:

A) Making a grid out of the traits is a waste of space - you won't use (can't, unless you want to gimp yourself) your old bite attack once you unlock its next tier, so why even have it appear in the list?

B) The last fights, especially Stone Slug and Godzillator, are extremely boring and uneventful - even with a full damage/dexterity build, they took way too much time to kill, mostly because:

C) The combat system is incredibly dumb, being fully randomized. I got dealt [2 defense+1 heal] and [3 heal] combinations consecutively, while my enemy was on 20 health and I was topped off - if that happened in one of the last fights that would mean that the enemy recovered 200-500 health. Attacks granted by the various traits were the only way to deal damage (meaning that any time claw/stomp/bite came up they were a wasted action-slot, as a 50-75 damage attack is kind of weak against a 230+ heal that can happen multiple times in a row), and even those were extremely vague: the Mace Horn's attack always did more damage than the Cobweb Secrete's, despite that the latter is unlocked in the second to last fight. Also, the possible actions being so randomized, one could go without a special attack for minutes (which means a complete reset or stall, depending on how many Heals came up).

D) No explanation of attack types or attributes.
* I gained a trait that grants me 0.2 Dexterity! Cool, what does Dexterity do? - No idea, I'm guessing something with critical hits.
* Look, my Bite attack stunned! Now it didn't. Why is that? - No idea.

I like the core idea of your game, but it really needs polishing and you to fleshing it out, because as it is, it's completely random and confusing at times.

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3.85 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2012
11:18 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS
  • Daily 5th Place December 15, 2012