Deep Sea Hunter

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Dive into the harrowing depths of the deep sea and explore the underwater world.

Develop your submarine that will help you explore deeper into the unknown.
Discover long-lost creatures of the underwater world.
Attack four mythical underwater bosses, hell-bent on sinking your submarine.

Develop your submarine to increase your speed, strength and fuel capacity
Detect gold to buy in-store improvements
Maneuver your submarine around sharp ravines and schools of underwater creatures swimming dangerously towards you


LOVED the game, but these, are the things that annoyed me:
-Missile too slow
-Can't see sh*t at my 360º
-Got lvl 10 weapon and fire rate and there were too hard-to-destroy fishes
Go for a sequel!

This was fun at first, but then, a few details made it rather boring, I'm afraid.

It starts with always having to start at the first and only checkpoint. You have bosses, so why not add the ability to start from their locations after you beat them? I feel like I spent 50% of the time just wanting to skip the tedious "go there, but there's rock in the way" swimming part.

Then, the enemies become tougher in large steps, as does my weaponry. This makes certain enemies become the "You need Lv6 missiles" conditions they are. I think it's fun if you have a hard time "killing Lv5 enemies with Lv4 gear", but here, hitpoints seemed ridiculous at times.

Boss enemies offer simple bullet-hell evasion-type gameplay, have too many hitpoints and - and herein lies the biggest problem - blind spots. Okay, I'll admit I've only faced the first and last bosses, but I did fine killing everything around and then just waiting until the missiles did their damage from a blind spot.

Lastly, I see that increasing your speed increases your fuel efficiency. This probably has to do with fuel usage being implemented by a time factor, not a distance factor. Thus, my attempt to invest into fuel tanks from the start was rather fruitless... Increasing your speed helps much more. I find this counter-intuitive, unless the description of rotors said something like "This greatly increases our engine efficiency", which it doesn't.

Also, as pointed out by others, the game doesn't seem tested for end-game problems. Not being able to increase projectile speed or viewing field makes it very difficult to navigate and fight with a highly upgraded submarine. After a few moments of playing, I also felt stupid for trying to shoot down enemies for money, as depth bonuses are much, much more of a reward... I don't feel I was told that diving deeper instead of swimming back for 200 Gold will net me a few thousand Gold.

And the most frustrating part of this game is how fun it is regardless of these design flaws. It shows you very well what it could have been and you try to give it a chance, pretty much like a doomed relationship, you want it to be what it isn't and hope that, after some time, it changes into what it can be.

You did a great job with respect to playability, atmosphere, sheer gaming substance and flow. I think if you took more time to design your game before you start coding, drawing, composing and testing, something very beautiful may happen!

I think this game deserves a "how it should have been"-type of sequel.

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Ahh... its being some time since ive felt the necessity to finish a game but you know what they say..."gotta catch´em all"

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I gave a four, because i don't have enough fire power or fuel to kill all this f**cking fish !
But i like the rest of the game.

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Sir, I have fitted the last of the equipment onto the ship! i found a few problems though..
YES SIR, I know we have the best torpedoes and launchers to date!
and it seems sir, that we go faster then what we can fire!
"i see...this is a problem...no matter!! we don't need to collect any more items from the sea just race past them!"
Sir, I thought of the same thing Sir! but..
" But?"
well sir...I just can't see that far sir..By the time i see the enemy its already to late we are just to fast!
"hmmm...you know what this means don't you privet? "
"Game over" :(

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Dec 13, 2012
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