Hired Heroes

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Tactical game based on not serious fantasy story.

- Find big scary Dragon and kill him!
- Hire famous 12 heroes to fight along your side.
- Shop for rare Artefacts - beside having awesome look, they will help you to overcome horde of enemies.
- 15 Tactical levels to solve.

More Heroes and Levels are in developments.

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This game is GREAT!!!!!

There is just so much you can do. The art at the main menu is amazing.
Also you made many equipments, and that's what makes the game so GREAT!!!

Keep up the good work.

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Well I found this game pretty nice but there are some bugs and other things I wanted to mention. First of: it suddenly displays 99 score instead of 100 after the first level. Afterwards it turned to 100 again. Then, a bar with stats at the bottom of the screen seems to lay over enemies, which is sometimes annoying because you can't see them and can hardly click them. And last thing: I was defeated at the last level but it showed me final cutscene which said that dragon was defeated. So I was thanked for game even though I didn't finish it yet. Overall great game love it! Hope you'll get rid of those bugs.

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Top notch Turn based strategy game.
The graphics were done well, it had no bugs that I noticed and the sound was well done too.
Only thing I could think of is better music since it gets repititive after a while.

Good little game!
Pros: Great type! you don't see Fire Emblem type games much
Good little comedy bits
unit types allow you to play as you want to
Cons: Enemy AI is way Dumb. A least 3 times they could have finished me if they would have ganged up on one unit, but they all attacked different units, and I won
The relics can make the game way to easy

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Had alot of fun playing through this game.
I liked the game mechanic, sadly is quite rare in flashgames.
I had a little bug where i couldn't move or attack with a unit because it was at the bottom row of the field.
Music was okay but started to be annoying in longer battles.
Also i wished for more Bossfights before the Dragon.
The little comedy part and the in the Dialogues was quite enjoyable.
Overall a nice Game to play
(Apologies for my language Skills)

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3.90 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2012
1:53 AM EST
Strategy - Other