The Gods

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The gods are created and in turn, they create the world. Featuring content from the Tale of Leaves universe.
EDIT: thanks for the frontpage :D never thought i could reach it.
and thank you for all the comments.


cool but, the elves lives on the moon?

Warpentak responds:

that's just their homeland

Like others mentioned, great artwork, perfect soundtrack & voice acting, you were able to create a mystic atmosphere of it's own.

Kudos for the storyboard, there is no obvious villain in your plot (In fact, I kinda understand Rhaa's motivation) which makes it even more entertaining!
I'm not familiar with the Tale of Leaves universe, but I sure hope you make more flash-movies like this little gem here.

Maybe there is an old, secret cult within the human and the elf society, which tries to unleash Rhaa? I can imagine underground pyramids where they meet and whisper their sinister scheme...

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Warpentak responds:

thank you very much for the feedback. yes, there are definately some underground pyramids. you can see glimpses of the tale of leaves universe in my deviant gallery (link on my profile page)

Pretty good when i saw this as in the other catogory i thought it was gonna be some random trash but you sure surprised me with this beautiful art work and story.

Warpentak responds:

thank you. i'm never good with categories :D

must destroy, the sun...

Awesome movie,but illuminati on the circle surrounding the throne.

Warpentak responds:

nope. no afiliation with them. just meant as an egypt-style eye.

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2012
4:46 AM EST