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Acolyte 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Spirit abilities.

Backstory 5 Points

Viewed the entire prologue.

DecentShot 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Bow Use abilities.

Fighter 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Melee Combat abilities.

KoboldKiller 5 Points

Faced kobolds and emerged victorious!

Occultist 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Conjuration abilities.

OrcOpposer 5 Points

Faced orcs and emerged victorious!

SmoothMover 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Movement abilities.

Teamwork 5 Points

Unlocked a battalion slot.

Tinkerer 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Alchemy abilities.

ToughGuy 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Armor Use abilities.

Tutorialized 5 Points

Completed the tutorial.

WakefieldStudios 5 Points

Visited the developer's website

Archer 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Bow Use abilities.

Athlete 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Movement abilities.

Chemist 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Alchemy abilities.

Cleric 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Spirit abilities.

Conjurer 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Conjuration abilities.

FullSquad 10 Points

Unlocked all 3 battalion slots.

Protector 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Armor Use abilities.

SkellySchooler 10 Points

Faced skeletal wizards and emerged victorious!

TVTrasher 10 Points

Faced tellers of visions and emerged victorious!

Warrior 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Melee Combat abilities.

ZealotZapper 10 Points

Faced zealots and emerged victorious!

Acrobat 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Movement tree!

DemonDestroyer 25 Points

Faced demons and emerged victorious!

EliteTank 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Armor Use tree!

GolemGanker 25 Points

Faced iron golems and emerged victorious!

Legionary 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Melee Combat tree!

MadScientist 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Alchemy tree!

MasterBowman 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Bow Use tree!

Saint 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Spirit tree!

Warlock 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Conjuration tree!

Commander 50 Points

Unlocked 5 heroes

Victory 50 Points

Defeated the final boss.

Author Comments

In this top-down RPG/Defense game, you control a battalion of heroes whose task is to stop wave after wave of free-moving and cooperative monsters. Gameplay is real-time, tactical, and intense. But, you will also have to succeed strategically, selecting a battalion of up to 3 heroes from a possible 7, and growing their attributes and abilities effectively.

2012.12.19 - New in v1.241

Newgrounds high scores can now be accessed through the Battle Preparation Screen.

2012.12.17 - New in v1.240

Keystones from dead heroes will now be restored to the player. The hero will, however, remain dead.

2012.12.14 - New in v1.220

OKAY, OKAY! You can replay levels for more honor! BUT. There will be diminishing returns for multiple replays of the same level. HA!

For news and updates, follow us:
http://wakefieldstudios.n ewgrounds.com/follow



no replays = less fun

WakefieldStudios responds:

Replaying waves for honor has been added ... BUT - honor gains will be halved for the level each time you replay it!

This is definitely the best new game that I have seen in a long time. As has been highlighted, there are quite a few glitches, but I still give it 5*. Can't wait to play it once the glitches have been ironed out.

I absolutely love this game. The mechanics are wonderful, the upgrade system, everything. That said, the difficulty ramp cost it a star. It seems like you intended for there to be multiple methods and strategies to clear the field, but I've found that it feels more like all the options are just a puzzle to figure out the one way things work the best, and if you don't find that exact combo (and I reiterate, it feels like there's only one real combo out of many options that will work) between managing your honor and your keystones, you WILL NOT be able to clear the field. The AI mode needs tweaking; it seems alright, but my heroes will let enemies just walk by them and escape sometimes instead of redirecting their attention to weaker units closer to their goal; they also, with absolutely no exception, refuse to acknowledge Tellers of Visions until ALL other units have been cleared. I would go manual, but the game design makes manual control nasty, complicated, and completely impractical; virtually useless. They should all be set to permanent AI mode, and acknowledge manual commands as overriding their AI, then, once the command has been completed, return to what they were doing. Clicking on a unit should NOT automatically turn off their AI. I also found a game-killing glitch in which sometimes when you start a wave, the screen loads the field, and nothing else. If this happens and you're forced to return to the main menu, and reload your game, you have to redo the previous wave, and all stats are reset to that at the beginning of that wave.

I also personally felt that you should be able to return to previous waves if you want to grind for honor, rather than just returning for missed keystones with no honor gain. I know that might make the game too easy in some people's eyes, but I felt like the player should have the choice; it would balance out a lot of the difficulty in maintaining a team that otherwise eventually breaks down at some point. It gives the player room for error; if they made a few bad decisions starting new or after a few experiments, they don't have to start a whole new game from wave one and throw away all of their progress.

In summary, great idea, and great game, but it has what I believe a few really, really heavy flaws. It says something though that they have to be that heavy in order to take away just one star, though.

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WakefieldStudios responds:

Thank you, LinkinAnneww - you obviously took an extremely careful look at the game, and put a lot into this very thoughtful review. Reading your idea about permanent AI modes with manual ovverriding made me slap my forehead ... moreover, I think it's rather generous of you to dock us just one star for the bugs and control issues you pointed out. This being our first commercial project, we are proud of the generally positive reception of the "idea" of the game, but there's no denying the flaws that you and others have identified. I hope you will stay tuned for the updates as we grapple with these issues and continue to polish things! On a final note, so many have asked for the ability to grind for honor ... and your note about the whole thing ending up as a sort of puzzle was so incredibly insightful - really, I think you nailed exactly what's wrong ... I'm rambling now, but my point is that we are definitely considering adding that grinding feature ... it just goes so far against my personal taste that I'm tearing my hair out trying to think of another solution. Maybe we'll be able to come up with it now that someone has put the problem into words so succinctly - THANK YOU.

To replay a level double click on it! Great game!

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Is there some way to replay levels you've already done to level a little more? Because at about wave 4 it was impossible to do anything, the mana regens so slow...

I didn't see any obvious ways to replay previous waves to grind, would have made it at least 4 stars for me.

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WakefieldStudios responds:

Replaying waves for honor has been added ... BUT - honor gains will be halved for the level each time you replay it!

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Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2012
4:32 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Daily 5th Place December 13, 2012