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Acolyte 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Spirit abilities.

Backstory 5 Points

Viewed the entire prologue.

DecentShot 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Bow Use abilities.

Fighter 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Melee Combat abilities.

KoboldKiller 5 Points

Faced kobolds and emerged victorious!

Occultist 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Conjuration abilities.

OrcOpposer 5 Points

Faced orcs and emerged victorious!

SmoothMover 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Movement abilities.

Teamwork 5 Points

Unlocked a battalion slot.

Tinkerer 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Alchemy abilities.

ToughGuy 5 Points

Unlocked 3 Armor Use abilities.

Tutorialized 5 Points

Completed the tutorial.

WakefieldStudios 5 Points

Visited the developer's website

Archer 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Bow Use abilities.

Athlete 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Movement abilities.

Chemist 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Alchemy abilities.

Cleric 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Spirit abilities.

Conjurer 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Conjuration abilities.

FullSquad 10 Points

Unlocked all 3 battalion slots.

Protector 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Armor Use abilities.

SkellySchooler 10 Points

Faced skeletal wizards and emerged victorious!

TVTrasher 10 Points

Faced tellers of visions and emerged victorious!

Warrior 10 Points

Unlocked 6 Melee Combat abilities.

ZealotZapper 10 Points

Faced zealots and emerged victorious!

Acrobat 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Movement tree!

DemonDestroyer 25 Points

Faced demons and emerged victorious!

EliteTank 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Armor Use tree!

GolemGanker 25 Points

Faced iron golems and emerged victorious!

Legionary 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Melee Combat tree!

MadScientist 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Alchemy tree!

MasterBowman 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Bow Use tree!

Saint 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Spirit tree!

Warlock 25 Points

Unlocked an entire Conjuration tree!

Commander 50 Points

Unlocked 5 heroes

Victory 50 Points

Defeated the final boss.

Author Comments

In this top-down RPG/Defense game, you control a battalion of heroes whose task is to stop wave after wave of free-moving and cooperative monsters. Gameplay is real-time, tactical, and intense. But, you will also have to succeed strategically, selecting a battalion of up to 3 heroes from a possible 7, and growing their attributes and abilities effectively.

2012.12.19 - New in v1.241

Newgrounds high scores can now be accessed through the Battle Preparation Screen.

2012.12.17 - New in v1.240

Keystones from dead heroes will now be restored to the player. The hero will, however, remain dead.

2012.12.14 - New in v1.220

OKAY, OKAY! You can replay levels for more honor! BUT. There will be diminishing returns for multiple replays of the same level. HA!

For news and updates, follow us:
http://wakefieldstudios.n ewgrounds.com/follow



its nice but did not really enjoy it

I love the game but when I first started it never saved...

Cool ! it has potential but there's something that if improved could give it a better game fluency:
_the first is to add the "rally point" option on the battelfield (I suggest one for each character) just to better hold the rushing, instead of automatic regroup in the middle after fight.
_it would be great if somehow when the player move manually a character or use his skill the character doesn't stop after raccomplished but go haed to auto fighting mode.
_add the female variant to the characters and an accelerate button if you have time :)
For the player: If you found this difficult, I advice a team of a knight and a paladin both with BASH and MORTAL STRIKE but only pal with TAUNT, and a ranger with BLUNT ARROW (oh the knt and rang with maxed OFFENSIVE STANCE).
Thanx a lot and sorry for bad english :)

interface is killing me.
With a rusty screwdriver

A few ideas for this: if your looking to avoid a grind why not make each level have a challenge mode where you can redo it with certain limits like do the first level with only one unit to get three keystones but you only get one shot at that to make it an honest challenge or something like that or an endurance mode where the enemy units get progressively more difficult as a way to test strats, level units, and if you add a checkpoint system of sorts where if you get to say the 5th "wave" of mobs in the afore mentioned endurance mode you get a reward of honor/keystones then that would get rid of the need to "grind" the actual game levels though it may make some people be able to overpower their units people would probably make people stop complaining about not being able to redo lvls.
very solid game here, even with these limits it gave me a few hours of entertainment and if you find this helpful at all then i'm happy i was helpful.

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WakefieldStudios responds:

Replaying waves for honor has been added ... BUT - honor gains will be halved for the level each time you replay it!

The endurance mode is a great idea!

Thanks for the review!

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Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2012
4:32 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Daily 5th Place December 13, 2012