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General Genocide

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This game was created as part of the Computer and Games Development Course at Plymouth University.

We were given the theme-word 'virus' and two months to create a game using StnecylWorks. I decided to go for something other than the classic 'zombie survival' or infection game and went for a runner style since I love games like Marvin Spectrum and Canabalt.

You are General Genocide, the baddest virus around. time to do what he loves best: killing.
You are to infiltrate the human body, avoiding anything in your path with one ultimate goal adding another kill to your death list!

First game I've ever made. Created using StencylWorks.

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This game is decent. :)

The floor not moving at the same speed as the floor obstacles, or any of the obstacles for that matter, bothers me a lot for some reason. I agree with the checkpoint. As for the General, I think that the sliding should go down more, as well as lowering the slide obstacle, so that it seems more necessary to do so. Also, it would probably be better to make the ground flat, and not sort of parallaxed. Speaking of parallax, the backgrounds are fine, although you might want to make them more pixely, as per GG, and definitely want to change the background color schematics so not to distract from the obstacles and/or make them hard to see. Maybe make the whole game speed faster by a bit, depending on the turnout of the game (if or when changes are made), as the slowness makes the attention toward the game dwindle more as the seconds go by.

Really good for a stencyl game though. All I've made is a crappy snake game with two levels, so yeah...

My favorite level is the second one. ;)

nice. this game was really fun, I especially liked the third stage :)

Pretty good, I did think it needed some kind of checkpoint when you get to the middle of the stage, On the second stage I made it all the way to the end and missed a jump causing me to go all the way back to the beginning. Other than that, pretty nice game! Good luck on your game making!