Ederon: Elder Gods

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*Newgrounds version updated!*
Online for over 6 years, Ederon is a Free Online Trading Card Game with over 1,300 unique cards and endless ways to build up your strategy and out think your opponent.
Battle against players from all over the world, fight your way through our thrilling single player campaign, make your career as a legendary top player, an achievement hunter, an exquisite card collector or just gather a bunch of friends and play for fun!

Choose between 8 classes with unique styles of play, or merge them to create the ultimate multiclass deck! Gain free cards as you play, buy magic items, sell cards, trade with other players and try getting as many achievements as you can! There are many ways to improve your deck!

Ederon is free to play, and the registration is simple. There is no need for e-mail or any other personal information. Register now and start battling!


play the official here http://www.ederon.com/

I love this game when I can get a fight against somebody of similar leval. The only thing i see this game lack is a steadys stream of new players in order to keep a good balance of new a midleval players in order to keep fair games running. Besides that there are alot of stratagies to use which is rare in online card games. Though its not magic the gathering it still is alot of fun and satisfying to play. The levaling system can add alot of depth to the game and does not make you grotescily strong eaither.

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Can some of you pls tell mm why i can't play i don't know why and i rate it 5 stars becoz i play the game and enjoy it very fun multiplayer game BEst game ever that i have ever play. ^^

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the gayist thing about this game is ur oppenent gets to play 3 or 4 times in a row and u get on turn and it says ur randomly selected to go first but yet u go first every time, and it seems everytime u have a good card to play that will actually do some damage they may only have one card to play but it will be the card that nullifys urs kinda pisses u off lol

Requires no skill, all down to what cards you get. There are a couple times in a match where you can hold off playing a card or two, but no real decisions to make. Get a card play a card.

The cards are poorly balanced with other decks.

Half the time the effects don't work correctly: Opponent can't block next turn....oh look at that they blocked again anyway.

That said, there was obviously a lot of work that went into this which is why all those problems are such a bummer. I'm usually one to stick it out and play through problems just to experiance the full game, but I couldn't do it this time.

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3.75 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2012
6:59 PM EST
Strategy - Other