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Technically NOT just a PewDiePie parody... otherwise I would have up and gave him the name "PewDiePie" and his dumb voice. But I also took a few stabs at other popular vbloggers like Tobuscus, iJustine, Smosh, etc who, despite having millions of subs and makes about as much dollars a year, feel the need to make ANOTHER fucking channel dedicated to face-cammed let's plays.

But yeah, mainly a parody of PewDie. Sorry PewDie fanboys. Sorry "Bro Army". If you enjoy the guy, well, more power to ya', but these are the facts.

I'm really enjoying working with smaller stage sizes for my flashes. I originally used to use 800x450, just because "ONEY DID IT" in his tutorials, so I've started using a smaller 640x360 and I like it alot better. Allows me to fit alot more in and just makes everything look nice, I don't even know how to explain it. Not alot of crazy frame-by-frame animation in this one and some shortcuts were made (because I plan to make not one but TWO more entire animations BEFORE Christmas...) but I hope you can look past all that. I've parodied another sensitive subject, so I have a strong feeling this will be CLOPPING.MOV Version 2. I had the idea for this video for a good while now, but when YouTube Comment Wars got taken down off YouTube (which I still jokingly feel is because there was already a brief stab at Pewdie in that vid) , I felt more compelled than ever to make this. BRO. Anyways bye

EDIT: Thanks for the Daily First, guys! Glad you all love my documentary about PewDiePie!


Hahaha this is hilarious! What makes it even funnier is that i myself am a bro. I totally agree with the other channel thing but when you made a couple of those jokes i thought they were flat out hurtful...and a little funny. But anyway this probably could've been done without the unnecessary comments about the bro's and pewdie being a fag.

This inspires me to work harder on animation. Captured Pewdiepies nonsense all the way in my opinion. Although ive never been a fan of vloggers and face-cams. Love the art style by the way!

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SpeedoSausage responds:

Thanks, though I wouldn't really see this as anything spectacular in terms of actual animating. Very little frame-by-frame in this (or most of my work, tbh) though glad you like the art style seeing as I tend to spend more time on making shit look good instead of making shit move good :S

You get the critic view with all the shit on youtube these day's,
It's nice to know that you share an interest of real content, not the shit with PewDiePie.
This is real content!
You spoke for the more refined viewer's of youtube.
I feel your pain, so many talented content creator's like yourself get no recognition compared to the bigger faggot's of youtube, (Tobuscus, Smosh Games, PewDiePie, etc.)
So many take the stupid fucking easy route to sucess, and it's quite sad.
For example the great Egoraptor, from what I've seen has not updated his animation channel in month's maybe even a year! And has just worked on Game Grump's, gaming commentary, and so I fear great thing's like the Awesome serie's will just die.
Never take the easy route, It's unimpressive and saddening.
Stay Good Speedo.

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SpeedoSausage responds:

Even if I get paid for making a cartoon, or paid the same amount for playing a game, I'd still go with animating. Its so worth it to finish a cartoon and upload it, like a huge weight has been lifted off your back, and I honestly can't imagine there being a similar feeling with playing games. Even if I did start playing games, I wouldn't take priority over it and pull an Egoraptor on it and forget about animating. With animation, you can create ANYTHING you want to entertain thousands - with game playing, you're playing some pre made game with a pre written story yadda yadda - its just not the same

As someone who enjoys PewDiePie's comely personality and (lack of) puzzle-solving skills, perhaps I was asking for trouble clicking on this. I had a general idea of what I was about to see. Thankfully I feel like this parody was a lot more tasteful than it could have been. I guess the first thing I can do is get into the technical details.

The graphics are alright, but come off as somewhat irritating. The wonky proportions have a wildly expressive quality to them, which serves a purpose, but tends to annoy me the way an itch does - in a persistent, nagging kind of way. This isn't because of the content, but rather just the style and the way I react to it. There are some brilliant political cartoonists on Newgrounds that use this art style, and even when I agree with the message the style still rubs me the wrong way. The animation was only an extension of this, being well-done but similarly surrealistic.

Sound quality was definitely my favorite part of the animation. Many parodies go way over the top with parodied voices, which can work but usually doesn't. Typically the mocked voice acting is more of a distraction than an augmentation of an animation, and only really helps when the original people being made fun of have some speech quirk to begin with, but I'm glad that the voice acting kept the focus on the jokes you made. Although if you wanted to you could have easily made fun of Felix's Swedish accent. Subtle as it is, you might notice that he can't pronounce a 'ch' sound. (Shocolate, shair, shopnese, etc.)

By the way, the fact that you slipped in Satanic by Richard Harvey during the Amnesia parody did not go unnoticed. I fucking LOVE that piece, you should have cranked up the volume on that one!!

Now, animation aside, I'll try and go into the main things you picked on Felix for.

1. Having too many channels - I'll agree this is obnoxious with other channels, Smosh in particular. I think we can all agree that the Spanish Smosh is thoroughly awful. Although considering PewDiePie only has two channels, one of which he never uses anymore anyway, It's kind of a hollow insult when directed at him.

2. Playing popular games - Just about every Let's Player on YouTube has trouble doing this. People demand both popular and indie games, and no matter what happens, tons of people end up being upset/critical over it. As someone who does follow Felix's videos, I think he does a fairly good job with his selection, allowing the 'bros' to pick out games themselves while simultaneously providing pretty good options (Indigo Prophecy was definitely a good choice, being both obscure but having its own cult following). Simultaneously, videos like Happy Wheels and Amnesia videos are done less frequently because Felix has expressed that he has a personal quality standard.

Overall the 'humor' in this animation simply didn't hit home for me. It wasn't annoying, like stuff by EgoRaptor, for instance, but at the same time I feel like watching this animation was really a waste of time. Frankly I didn't get anything out of it.

(By the way, if you want to see some really good retro PewDiePie videos, I suggest the Amnesia custom story Killings in Altstadt and Barbie Adventure.)

SpeedoSausage responds:

I appreciate a low-score review with actual explanations as to why you thought it was bad. Don't really know what to do about the irritating graphics. I guess from the proportions, it looked like there would be more wacky movements but there simply wasn't? Like the character had the bendy anatomy you'd expect of a life-filled bouncy cartoon but alls he really did was just sit there? Sorry bout that, animating is pretty stressful and the lazy side can slip through the cracks quite easily.

I know I COULD have done his swedish accent, but I just tried to make it clear that while PewDiePie is obviously the main target of the video, hence the title, the look, etc, he isn't the only person being mocked. There's elements of Smosh, Tobuscus, iJustine, yadda yadda all in this "lols@Holocaust" character who is a personification of all those people. So I gave him a different voice. Yeah, if I was JUST parodying PewDie, I would have called him PewDiePie, I would have done the voice, etc. Same goes for the channel thing, even though I do get what you mean about it being a hollow insult at PewDies expense.

And yeah, Satanic is a great piece. I pretty much wrote an entire Resident Evil parody for the sole purpose of using that track again, its so haunting.

Finally I have a link to comment with when I see PewDiePie deviations on DeviantArt.

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