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Shining Road Ep 2

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This animation might not work properly on some computers!


There is now a Skip Button for the Credits
The glitch in Sonic's Second Battle has been fixed

Check out the new Trailer fo Episode 3.

Sorry about the wait.
This is the 2nd Episode out of 25 of Sonic: The Shining Road.

Before I forget...
Starting from Episode 3 and onwards, I will be giving the Chapters names.

Chapter One: Sonic's Downfall
Chapter Two: Betrayal
Chapter Three: Emerald Hunt
Chapter Four: Invasion
Chapter Five: The Final Showdown

Please tell me what you think!


Not bad. Your animation is choppy and your sound hurts my ears. I like the movies with the interactive elements, but yours needs a lot of work. The interactive battles aren't bad, but they don't offer a whole lot of variety yet. Also you should never use a text box as the button itself. Put a graphic with your text box to make the button. It just works and looks nicer. And as far as the Shadow story quicktime event, it was way to fast for mouse clicking (you should also specify how it works, I didn't even now you had to click the text to go). And the only way to beat it was to play it several times and memorize where the button would pop up next. It would be better to use keyboard controls for quicktime events. And tell which buttons to use. The arrow keys would work nicely.
I noticed you said that you ran out of room to continue because of the 16k limit, but your flash was pretty short. Try putting all your cinematics into movieclips and controlling them with code to beat the limit.

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People find this review helpful!

What's wrong at the end of the game?

davesurvivor responds:

If you are talking about the glitch, it has been fixed

It's good alright. Expected it to be longer though. This needs more faster pased action like in Final Fantasy Sonic X and Sonic RPG and better animation. If that would be done, it would be perfect.

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what do you do when you see the choose a story thing?

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2012
1:40 PM EST
Adventure - RPG