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4:00 min runtime

made in 250 hours
This is similar to my "Heart of Stone" film but with more depth
I wanted to push myself with this one, doing more full animation.

Thanks for front paging me :)


although I am not religious that was an amazing video

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nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks ;)

Your name is Jonathan

nahtanojmal responds:

Yes it is......

Well, this was very well-animated, and the music & sound effects were effective and felt appropriate. Solid production values all the way around, though the highly detailed severed arm in the beginning did slightly clash with what followed.

The narrative, on the other hand . . . well, speaking from the perspective of someone largely ambivalent to the source material you're drawing from, it really didn't make any sense. The savages run around eating people . . . yet the winged dudes don't seem all that interested in protecting the people, but rather round up the savages and tie em' to a tree . . . and then some guy takes their place for no clear reason, and the savages are released (presumably to go back to eating people . . . good job dude?) and then the guy gets revived, making you wonder how that was a sacrifice at all. Then the repentant savage turns into a human, but with no protection and all the other ones free, seems likely to be eaten in short order. Once again making me wonder what the POINT of the whole shebang was.

I understand wanting to use symbolism from something important to you, and I'm cool with that whatever religion or lack thereof you might prescribe to, but if you want to speak to an audience who's not already invested in the premise beforehand, you're gonna need to be a little less nonsensical than this.

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nahtanojmal responds:

hmm arm being too detailed, your right, thanks I'll make a note on keeping image continuity.

"the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians 1:18 (from the Bible)
The message of the cross is what I was trying to portray. If the message of the cross is to be viewed as foolishness I cannot hope to do much better. Especially when I hardly used any words and try to shorten it all in 4 minutes.
Thanks for your review :)

Kudos. Really nice.

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nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks ;)

Amazing and meaningful

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks, and to God be the glory, cause He did it for real

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3.80 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2012
6:51 AM EST