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Coin Shooter

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Shoot the coins to earn points! There are three different coins, each one carries an amount of points. The orange one worth 25 points, the silver one worth 50 and the gold one worth 100 points. Beware of the skulls! If you hit any, you loose 100 points. If you achieve 500 points, you gain a 30 seconds bonus!

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I agree with FurubaFan22, I like the idea but it could have some better graphics. It doesn't have to have a story, I don't why guys are complaining about that, cause it is a arcade game, i think.

I felt that the submitter did not put much thought into this game at all.

First, the time, place, and denomination of the 'coins' appearing in the game are random. It's equally probable for a gold coin to appear in front of the player as is a copper coin to appear in the far corner opposite the player.

As well, one could just mash the space bar and have a good chance to getting all the coins, including coins which just appear. I employed this strategy in my last play through, and got the daily high score.

To improve this, there should be constraints on the randomness of the coins, so it can reflect the skill of the player. For example, copper coins should be easier to get than silver, and silver easier than gold. As well, as the game progresses, all the coins should get harder to destroy, making so that the score is related to the skill of the player.

As well, there should be some kind of penalty for firing to avoid the shoot and spray technique I mentioned previously. For example, the timer in the top level could be an 'energy' level which gradually decreases, and firing the weapon makes this level deplete faster. The current model of gold coins giving more time could work with this model as well.

In short, this game requires some kind of constrained randomness in coin placement and balancing of the mechanics to make this a worthwhile game.

pretty crappy game. it would be ok if it had more levels or a story but at this point, meh

The space is too large. By the time I made it to the other side to shoot at a coin it would disappear. The randomness was good but odd. My first game I got nothing but orange and gold coins.