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High Scores

Coins Collected
2. Birnenpappe 97
3. fluttersaur 59
4. nowinpaperback 51
5. LIDgames 38
6. softex 35
7. YoDoubeGabba 32
8. DeuxLab 26
9. NaokiKero 19
10. devman115 19
11. Soul-Reaper-Grim 19
12. Poke12Freak 18
13. sleepercells000 18
14. 68JewNate 17
15. butterg101 15
16. donramires 12
17. senage 11
18. Erikgeorge 10
19. TeddyLikesToPlay 10
20. sweetyo77 8

Author Comments

Grapple rich or die trying. Collect coins in every location and score high. But avoid the blues or it's game over.

Use the arrow keys to pick a direction, and press Z to fire your grapple! You can change direction mid-pull, so you'll need quick reflexes to make precision hooks.

Code: Andrew Nissen (@ambushsabre)
Art: Folmer Kelly (@folmerkelly)



At first, it was pretty uncomfortable to get used to the behaviour of the controls.
But if you give the game a chance and practise a bit, you'll get a feeling for the grapple, its speed
and get an eye for the distance and right timing.
Even if you now got comfy to the controls, reach higher scores easier;
the game itself stays entertaining, although there seems to be no change in the enemy spawn interval
or the level complexity (some are easier, some are more difficult - it's a random up and down).

The "rope" of the grapple is white. This is sometimes pretty confusing with white backgrounds.
Not sure if this is part of the game, but a yellow rope would be way better.
Sometimes there are no enemies in the level
(but you can hear the spawn sound). This happened rarely though.

Good work! Cheers!

devman115 responds:

Hey, glad to hear you like the game so much! We actually just uploaded a new version that addresses the issues with those light backgrounds, as well as making it more clear you can change directions mid-air. Thanks for the feedback!

Its a nice feeling to beat the creators highscore, Its a fairly challenging game, very basic and fun

Very amusing game, but hard, in a good way, to master the commands.

This really isnt that bad of a game. Good concept, challenging, flows well, has a leader board, and the difficulty increases gradually if you don't have quick enough reflexes to keep collecting coins.

It's HARD! but on that note it's a fun game and a great time waster. Lacks a plot or story but on that what kind of story would you give a "hookshot" equipped Lumpy Space Princess? Good game.

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Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2012
8:10 PM EST
Skill - Collect