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Goku vs Vegeta RPG

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Hey guys,

This is the Goku vs Vegeta RPG. You can also choose to be Vegeta in the game.

Have lots of fun.


I would really like to give more stars. I really would but because of a few but yet major flaws i cant give it any higher. The combat is solid, but not much on options. Its also not that tough. All you have to do is really use combo until you get about 500 health then heal. I would really like to see a sequel to this because what you have right now is fairly good. You may be like Matt-Likes-Swords, his first few games really wasn't that great but as he got better with flash you can see that the games improving until now when his games are now great. With your next game add some story, Im not saying it has to have a epic story line, but at least something of sort. Part of the reason it would be good to do that it would help explain the help command, because neither goku nor vegeta would let someone help in there fight. Also have some exploring, it would make it funner

Very nice and fun game man. I agree with the sequel needing sub categories and for sure more fighters. You could really flesh this out into a very fun and well made game man. A story line would be nice too since this is supposed to be an RPG :P. Hell even the plot from the show would suffice if you didn't want to create your own. All in all, I had an awesome time playing this :)

SEE?! THIS IS THE KINDA OVER THE TOP SHIT I LOOK FOR! If you make a sequel, add subcategories of Ultimates, Kaioken, Combo, ect. Also, add powering up(Adding MP) and i will be very happy with you. As for now, what you have put on the table is good. :) 10/10

ive seen gt,dbz,and their games,but this amazing yo!!!

i love you game and i am a big fan of dragon ball series

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3.54 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2012
4:43 PM EST
Adventure - RPG