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Balanced 5 Points

You are a well-balanced person

Coward 5 Points

You are Coward

For the Green 5 Points

Green till the death

For the Red 5 Points

Red till the death

Green Baised 5 Points

You are green minded person

Green Mindless 5 Points

Easily deceived by green ideas

Last Minute 5 Points

At the end you have mind

Red Baised 5 Points

You are red minded person

Red Mindless 5 Points

Easily deceived by red ideas

Some How Late 5 Points

Having late brain is better than nothing

Trouble Avoider 5 Points

You don't like troubles

Worker 5 Points

You always don't have time

Author Comments

Made for GameJolt GameJam 3.
An adventure game about political views in Egypt in a metaphoric way.

Arrows: Move
X: Action


I am mindless ?!... but I simply did what they told me to do...:P

Awesome concept !

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I like the game idea. This metaphor applies not only to the conflict in Egypt.

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An interesting game, given that it's a political one. I like the idea of exploring issues in an interactive medium, and I think this game did that pretty well.

For a couple of critiques: first, there are some spelling errors in the dialog. This could have been fixed with proper editing. However, seeing how this game was made in a game jam, it's somewhat forgivable. It would be good to make an update to fix these errors.

Second, I found the mechanic which rewards players for finding all the endings somewhat annoying. Some of the endings seem require talking to all the villagers of one type or another. I would just as easy to compare the number of villagers of each type the player talked to in order to get the biased ending.

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It was okay, but I didn't like the backtracking. Still, good overall. Hope to see more from you! :3

aweome game i love this game i hope the author text me back eauyse ths is the best game ever:))))))

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Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2012
10:05 AM EST
Adventure - Other