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Balanced 5 Points

You are a well-balanced person

Coward 5 Points

You are Coward

For the Green 5 Points

Green till the death

For the Red 5 Points

Red till the death

Green Baised 5 Points

You are green minded person

Green Mindless 5 Points

Easily deceived by green ideas

Last Minute 5 Points

At the end you have mind

Red Baised 5 Points

You are red minded person

Red Mindless 5 Points

Easily deceived by red ideas

Some How Late 5 Points

Having late brain is better than nothing

Trouble Avoider 5 Points

You don't like troubles

Worker 5 Points

You always don't have time

Author Comments

Made for GameJolt GameJam 3.
An adventure game about political views in Egypt in a metaphoric way.

Arrows: Move
X: Action

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this one looks like pokemon game sort of



This is an interesting concept, though I feel like the "metaphor" part in the description is a bit of an understatement---the game is much more blatant than that, because the central conflict between the two tribes is no different from that which is dividing Egypt. Because dogmatic views or close-mindedness are not things which are unique to Egypt's political situation, I think that this game would be more interesting if, instead, you were to make the central conflict more abstract, and less obvious an allusion.

Beyond this, contrary to other reviewers, I actually quite like the pixelated style of the graphics. Regarding gameplay, my only gripe is the inability to respawn after dying without having to completely restart the game. If the message is the main intention of the game, the ability to respawn would make reaching all of the different endings much easier. Because I was interested in knowing what the other blurbs for the different endings were, I had to make several attempts at killing the entire tribes (which took me a lot more tries than I'm willing to admit, killing those things can be tricky sometimes!). This was definitely pretty annoying. (If not the respawning, at least you could make the ending descriptions and meanings visible without having to play your way to them?)

One last thing - being able to skip the text would also be great.

For players, a brief explanation of the various endings:
--- Coward: Leave the island without even talking to the gray guy (who will explain that the island is full of barbarians).
--- Trouble avoider: Leave the island immediately after talking to the gray guy.
--- Balanced: Talk to both tribes, then leave.
--- Worker: Talk to just one of the tribes, then leave.
--- Green mindless: Join the green tribe without talking to any of the red people to hear their point of view. Kill all of the red people.
--- Red mindless: Same as green mindless, but colors switched.
--- Green biased: Talk to both tribes, then join green tribe and kill all of the red people.
--- Red biased: Same as green biased, but colors switched.
--- For the green: Join the green tribe (doesn't matter whether you talk to red first or not), die in the process of trying to kill all of the red people.
--- For the red: Same as "for the green," but colors switched.
--- Last minute: Join a tribe, then leave before killing anyone.
--- Some how late: Join a tribe, kill some people (but not all), then leave.

So, I killed all greens and didnt get the medal

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2012
10:05 AM EST