Rats Away

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Beginner 25 Points

Completed 5 levels

Exterminator of Rats 25 Points

Kill 50 rats

Brutal 50 Points

Destroyed 10 kind rats

Burner 50 Points

Kill 10 rats in the fire

Expert 50 Points

Completed 20 levels

Saw Killer 50 Points

2 Weeks Ago

Water Master 50 Points

Drown 15 rats

Winner 100 Points

Completed the whole game

Author Comments

Someone nibbled your new shoes? In the basement is a mess again? Stocks for winter spoiled? So, it means that rats bred in your basement - but it does not matter if you have a cat. Otherwise, you will have to fight with a horde of rats yourself. Here you will have to apply your skills and to make any tricks because rats are not the most stupid opponent.


I love how people are whining about how we kill rats in this game. Because I'd bet money on half these people playing games where you kill people....

I think it's a fun game and has good graphics and gameplay so im giving 5 star :)
keep it up

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Preety entertaining:D Keep it up!

Bioanestefan, if you didn't like this game then I have an idea of one that'd be great for you. It's called stag knight, and there's no senseless animal slaughtering.
I totally support your point. Luring rats and/or mice into traps is morally wrong. You wouldn't see someone doing this in real life would you? I mean no moral person could possibly kill a mouse for any reason right? If they released them outside their house, the mice would take the hint and leave you alone.
I believe the term we're all searching for is moralfag.

Anyway, now for my actual review. This is kind of fun, an interesting concept, but too easy. when you have control of where the bait is at all times, it's far too simple to get the rats to go where you want. Maybe if once you click, the bait is stuck permanently to your cursor and doesn't go away it would be more challenging. Anyway, interesting little game, but not for anybody looking for a challenge. 3.5

This game is horrrible.It just makes me wanna puke. The gameplay sucks,but my point isn`t there.Its theme is definately not for everyone,luring innocent creatures into painful looking blades is not a theme for a video game it`s just fuckin sick.

Rats off to ya!

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2012
9:36 AM EST
Puzzles - Other